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Thank you all for showing up for the WOF night last night! What a major turn out we had, with a record number of sausages eaten, and WOFs completed.

Thank you especially to Leighton for manning the BBQ expertly, to Bryce for taking over for round 2 and getting more supplies, to Mike for organising thing, to Jeff for helping lots of people with their gliders checks, to Stefan for the extra porosity meter and his help, for Reuben for his tireless work. It ended up a long day for us when we finished at 9pm.

I hope you all learnt something new.

Who has photos?

(On a different note, it may be flyable tomorrow!)

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don't forget PG WOF tonight at

Belmont intermediate school hall
from 4.30pm to 7.30pm
with a Club BBQ / sausage sizzle.

We have 2 porosity meters thanks to Stefan's efforts to speed the process up. You can do the basic canopy / seams checking beforehand if you like.

Here is the location on Google maps. The school hall is in the centre of the school complex, you'll find it..!,174.7871228,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6d0d37997a880451:0x997e1c5ea9815d1f!8m2!3d-36.8036134!4d174.7893168

:-) Eva

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I wrote a little blog about flying in Canungra and confidence in flying which will make a start of a new series of blogs.

Have a look if you are interested!

photo by Kris Ericksen


WOF night for PGs is on

Tuesday, 25 October
4.30 to 7.30pm
at Belmont intermediate school hall.

This is your annual chance for a free PG WOF. Eva and Reuben will be teaching you about glider checks and how to look after your gear.

There will be some sausage sizzling. BYO drinks and anything fancier than sausages.

RESERVE repacks:
We won't have time on the night to re-pack all the reserves. You can drop them off and we will do them asap after the WOF night. If you drop them off soon, we may still be able to have them ready on Tuesday.

LINE Length check: Line length checks take a lot of time; if you would like one done, please contact us; we won't be able to do them on the spot at the WOF night.

We have checked a bunch of gliders recently and no surprise, there is a definite pattern that most gliders go out of trim after a while. They benefit from re-trimming.
The higher aspect ratio your glider is, the more important it is to check the trim. In most cases it is more a matter of performance than safety (gliders get slower as the back lines shrink). Still, many gliders are out more than the DHV / EN tolerance of 10mm. Discuss it with us if you are unsure. We will do a little talk about glider trim.

I hope to see you Tuesday.

early heads up:

PG WOF night 2016
25 October 2016

Belmont Intermediate School school hall
The hall is located in the middle of the school ground, so you need to walk around some of the buildings to find us.

with the usual BBQ, BYO drinks

Please book in, so that we have an idea of numbers!

Party at Wings & Waves tonight at 7pm, 26 Beresford Street, Bayswater. Hope to see you all!

Just a heads up: There are changes proposed to the management plans volcanoes and access around Auckland. Many activities are proposed to be restricted, including flying and vehicle access. 

George is currently finding the council documents and websites and we will post this here and on

With a deadline sometime in April, I suggest we all make submissions to try to ensure that we continue to be allowed to continue flying around town.

Mike is off to the Kaimais today. Call him if you are going, too. 

(I am off teaching at the coast...)

We need a driver for Manilla Kiwi Open Comp. Previous idea is not going to work out. Any ideas?

anyone flying this arvo? Dan from Hawkes is near Muriwai and would like some company!
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