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Was this in the plan?
Was this in the plan?

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Coming to terms with it all
It's so hard to believe that Daisy has gone, that we will not see her any more, that I won't hear her call out "mummyyyyy!!!!!!!".  She was the centre of our home.  Everything revolved around Daisy, because she insisted it should.  Her siblings were at her ...

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Thank you for the days
The post I always knew that one day I would write is the hardest. Today our beautiful, feisty, determined girl, Daisy Rose, took her last breath and is out of pain and dancing in the stars with her beloved daddy. At 2.35pm this afternoon her life support wa...

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In Daisy's hands
I wasn't supposed to be writing this update.  This update was supposed to be all about how it really does take a village to bring up a child like Daisy, joined up services around education, health and social care.  How I have been struggling for months tryi...

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Realistic Resolutions
"I don't make resolutions" Andy always made this announcement at New Year (whenever I started reeling out my list for the year). He firmly believed the focus should be about changing habits , not making unrealistic promises.  "It takes six weeks to change a...

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Looking at you now, you would never know
Daisy was born by c-section.  That wasn't in the plan.  My other children hadn't been born that way.  We had hoped for a home waterbirth, the same as Jules two years previously.  But as always with Daisy she called the shots.  Things were not looking good, ...

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Decisions, changes....
When Andy was alive we always worked on the assumption that we would outlive Daisy.  That we would not need to worry about what would happen to her if we were not around. But things are different now.  We did not expect Daisy to outlive us.  We did not expe...

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All the firsts
It's been nearly a year now.  It's been a tough year.  So many firsts; first father's day, first mother's day, first wedding anniversary, the children's birthdays, first new school year, first football season.... the list is endless, every day of this year ...

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The day Sherlock made Daisy smile (thanks to the London Fire Brigade!)
There are two things that Daisy loves in the world more than her family or her good friends Singing Hands (don't worry Suzanne and Tracy, you will never be replaced in Daisy's affections!) - and that's  dogs and the Fire Service! A few months ago I saw a lo...

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We are a family, not a cost
Sometimes it feels like I'm a character in some Orwellian nightmare.  Not because of losing Andy or because of any of the children's issues but because my life, my plans, my hopes are all controlled by someone called "The Commissioner" The Commissioner is a...

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It feels like I'm up for an Oscar!
No, really!  When you write a parenting blog then being shortlisted for an award in the Mumsnet Blog awards is the blogging equivalent of being up for an Oscar. Late one evening last week my phone pinged with a twitter notification from Mumsnet, apparently ...
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