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Anyone I know in the Sacramento area that is interested in any gaming in the next 2-3 weeks. Will be visiting my folks.

I'm looking at you +Vera Vartanian and +Vivian Paul.

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Getting to hang out and play with +Tobie Abad, including A Single Moment, The Quiet Year, Lost Cities and Battle Line, visiting Game Empire and Game Haus Cafe. Fun times!

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Strategicon Gamex 2017 Monday writeup

- That's No Moon!, a fun Star Wars story game with +Tobias Strauss, +Stephanie Bryant, +Tobie Abad, me and the daughter
- +Hamish Cameron's Dinosaur Princesses run by +Gina Ricker for 4 kids ages 8-11

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Strategicon Gamex 2017 Sunday writeup

- +Jonathan Lavallee's Wind on the Path with +Robert Quintero
- Con wanderings, dice bags, and a game of Lotus
- Fallout Shelter for Kids only!
- An early crash

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I've been a Gauntlet member for a bit, and will concur that the Codex RPG zine is one of the best out there, especially if you are into lots of indie games, PbtA games, and just gorgeous art and evocative stuff in general.

Today's the last day to pick up all of these by joining the Patreon at the $4/month level (the zine comes out monthly and there are already 9? of them). It is well worth it.
Today is the last day to get the Codex back issues on Patreon! At 11:59 pm EDT, they are leaving the feed for good.

Make a $4 pledge at

Please re-share!

(Cover illustrations by +Dirk Detweiler Leichty +Vandel J. Arden and +Claudia Cangini)

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Strategicon Gamex 2017 Saturday writeup

- Atlas Reckoning with some new players in a 1910's Industrial Revolution polluting the world and killing the fairies defending Mother Earth! (don't forget child labor)
- The Final Girl playing in a remote Eastern European village with demon possessions, and two final girls!
- Getting to hang out a bit with the Happy Jack's RPG Podcast crew
- Dread with some RPG newbies and space horror

Thanks +morgan ellis and +Robert Quintero for running so many games at GoD!

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Strategicon Gamex 2017 - Friday writeup

- Tigris and Euphrates with Albert, Howie and Lisa
- Fallout Shelter RPG with Keith, Emily, Steve
- Games on Demand and Feng Shui 2 with Ira, +Brian Allred and +Desmond Wooten
- Exit at midnight with Keith, Emily, Steve, +Robert Quintero and +Tobie Abad

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Ooooh... a non-RPG or game related Kickstarter that I'm actually funding!

This Kickstarter is for a book that supports some artists, literally sending a book copy to everyone in Congress, and extra revenue from the project is donated to organizations impacted by the administration via budget cuts (one of my favorite parts).

Hey folks. New here, but have run the game twice at home and at cons. Quick question... I've seen the 2013-GSSDemo-StarlinePublishing download, and it has those brilliant one-shot playsheets, however for whatever reason it doesn't have a Tanuki sheet.

Is there an official version of a one-page Tanuki sheet? (I've hacked one together, but it's really a hack:

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D&D Junior classes... three so far. The GM is so patient with the kids (and slowly learning how to manage them). This weekend we'll see about possibly splitting the table with me running some Golden Sky Stories.
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