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Alan Knightly
Looking for some old-school D&D with a flexible schedule.
Looking for some old-school D&D with a flexible schedule.


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New Game -- JOIN UP!

When::  M-F, 10am-4pm Eastern Time
Where: #Ruins  
What: AD&D 2nd Edition --
PCs must be Kobolds (or related monstrous species)
+Brandon Lighter is running it.

Per the DM: This is a relaxed, play-at-work kindof game.
"The games tend to be slow (maybe 1 post per player every 10-15 minutes), but with the ability to play 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, there is no rush to complete a session within a given blocked off time frame and IRC logging makes it easy to pick up right where you left off the next day."
"The real trick with being able to play D&D at work is for everyone playing to understand that you are all /at work/, and therefore might have to be AFK for longer stretches than would happen in a regular once-a-week gaming session. "

So what games are going on/in planning?

I'm looking for something monday or tuesday evenings. Preferably OD&D or AD&D, but I'll settle for later editions or Gygax-branch retro-clones (anything where you need to pick both Race and Class...none of the "Halfling is my class nonsense").

Just looking to play as I don't have the time to run right now.
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