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At National Airport, I happened to be reading this sentence in Flags of Our Fathers, when an Honor Flight arrived:

"There were no cheering crowds to see Mike, Harlon, Ira, Doc, Rene and Franklin off as they departed Camp Tarawa."

I was glad to stand and cheer for these veterans, arriving to see the WWII Memorial, courtesy of

Honor Flight arriving at National Airport

Amy Kremer, co-chair of Tea Party Express, just now on CNN: "You can't be mad at Wall Street." > Oh really? I think I'll retain my right to direct my anger, thanks. Guess the new boss is the same as the old boss...little bit louder, little bit worse.

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No intranet is a single system; the whole must be greater than the sum of the parts. However, it's hard to get the C-suite to understand this. They tend to view it as a website--shiny!--rather than a toolbox--which can also be shiny, but more important, is essential to business success.

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Must be time for vacation.

In g+, where do I comment on photo albums--either in my stream or while viewing the album itself? How do I +1 a photo album? While viewing the album, how do I +1 an individual photo? And yes, I'm using Chrome.

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Pandora just cut from Cascada to Takénobu, which is like running from a burning building into the Fortress of Solitude.

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Mom always wanted a Mac, but it could never run the software she was buying a computer to run, so she got the best PC she could buy and got to work.

People seem to have forgotten what she knew: that phones, like computers, whether they're smart or dumb, are merely means to an end...or several ends, and need to be evaluated as such.

What's fascinating is that we're still having these discussions, albeit now about phones rather than computers or laptops. With a few tweaks, this article could have run during the MHz wars of yore, when tech media generally touted chip power as the sole arbiter of a computer's worth.

It's not about the tool. It's about the task.

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Nice personal memories of Steve Jobs from Walt Mossberg.
Really nice remembrance of Steve Jobs from Walt Mossberg.
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