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Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, OH MY!!
Finally that horrible winter is over and it is SUMMERTIME!!! My favorite season of all. Time to play in the pools, go on family vacations, hit up those beaches and search every garage sale possible. In this post I wanna talk about the differences between a ...

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Polar Vortex and Cabin Fever!
Ok, so it has been the coldest day of my life! Today I believe the low was -15 degrees with a windchill of -36 degrees!! I know people whose eyelashes were frozen within 10 minutes of being outside and they said that if you were without gloves, you could ge...

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DIY Christmas Gifts Part Two
Ok so I admit, I have been slacking a lot on this blog posting thing haha. It is Christmas time and I had the flu this week so give me a break. Alright, so the next DIY gift is for those who you know love fresh flowers. Obviously you can't really do it your...

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DIY Christmas Gifts Part One
So it's that time again. Time to get everyone you know a gift, whether that is a family member, another mom on the PTA board, a co-worker, boss or the neighbor across the street. It can be very expensive when you add up all the costs of all the people you w...

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My First Real Blog...
When I was in high school I had a “blog” on Xanga.
Remember Xanga? I won’t give you my username because it is far too
embarrassing. So this is my first real blog. I am starting this blog because I
picked up a new hobby this year: refurbishing old items. Fir...
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