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The best Redmine application on Android!
The best Redmine application on Android!


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MyMine has gone open source!

I was asked several times whether the sources would be open, and if the code could be reused.
I don't have any particular issue with this, and I'd even be happy to contribute. I'd like others to contribute too, and I chose to publish the code under the GPL license.
The only issue that prevented me from publishing was the poor code quality, and even poorer design choices (not visual, because I know I suck at 2D, but rather on app structure).
Also, publishing a lot of commits (more than 3k) may again show poor quality.

My pride set aside, everything is there to be looked at and improved at anyone's will.
Pull requests are welcome on the GitHub project page, I'll be sure to merge them into my repo and publish them on the Play Store.

Now, everything is also a bit rusty. I tried to quickly clean it a bit by updating the used gradle and target SDK and build tools versions. But there is much more cleaning to do here.
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Issue attachments

That's just a work in progress, but you will soon be able to upload files to your issues, including by using the share intent, including when selecting multiple files.
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Diff improvements

Before, this was messed up with HTML tags, and striked-through text. I might keep striked the deleted text too, but the green/red makes it more readable.
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Quick update today, v0.11.2
It's only a few bug fixes!
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Projects/sync filtering

I know that some of you use MyMine with large servers with lots of projects. And most of the projects are just spamming your MyMine setup because you only use a few projects.

This new feature will allow you to remove projects from sync, meaning that they'll simply be gone from your mobile. Of course, the server remains unaffected, so it's just easier to use the app!
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Version 0.11.1

It's been a long time since the last update! I've been quite busy for the last few months...
The project is now one year old. I wish I had more time to make it so much better! Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this project.

I've updated to v0.11.1, which is a small update. There are a few crash and bug fixes, and a welcome contribution from the users: the Hungarian translation. I'm happy I got some help!
Sorry I didn't push the update earlier.

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any issue!
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New major version

Hi! MyMine version 0.11.0 has just been uploaded to the Google Play Store. This is a major version, as it has a very long list of small improvements and bug fixes it contains. The full list is linked below, but mainly:

- improved UI, UX for many sections of the app
- ability to set an issue as private, change its tracking project
- updated about/licenses screen
- added in-app changelog (non intrusive)
- added the "undo discard" action when canceling issue changes
- added pull to refresh on most scrolling views
- fixed a lot of bugs (full list on the project's redmine instance)

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Coming soon...

Here's a quick overview of what will 0.11 look like (shown here on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7).
I focused primarily on UI/UX improvements and of course bug fixes.
Tell me what you think!
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Small version bump

Version 0.10.1 has been uploaded to the Google Play Store. It contains only minor bug fixes, apparently the issue upload feature looks stable! :)

If you're experiencing any issue, send a Google+ message or email to
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Serious update

OK- long story short: you can add/edit/delete issues. And it's more stable. And the wiki. And the drawer... :-)

It's available now on the Google Play Store, it's called version 0.10.0!

Here's the changelog:
- add/edit/delete issues!
- lots of improvements in wiki section (including the {{toc}} macro, full screen wiki, etc)
- improved issue overview look
- improved project accessibility
- lots of optimizations and internal improvements
- better management of issues attachments
- optimize background processing and sync
- fixed images in issues description
- can now add projects as favorites
- optimized drawer menu
- handle private issues
- better error management
- lots of bug fixes

and I think I forgot even more...

It's been a very long time since the last update, I apologize for that. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on MyMine, it's still the most intuitive and best-looking Redmine client on Android.
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