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Kriss Femmpaws
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Kriss Femmpaws

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Kriss Femmpaws

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This is a fact... why do you think they work so hard to divide us? Divided we are easier to control than if we stand as a whole!
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  • school of hard knocks
    Whole of life, 1976 - present
    Just like everyone else I'm still learning and the best teacher is getting your hands dirty with life.
  • Blaine High School
    Industral Arts, 1972 - 1976
    What can I say it was high school with a high number of rednecks in my class. The real learning didn't come till I was out and on my own.
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Goddess, I love it... when a plan comes together!
Just a woman that has worked in a "mans" world and done men's jobs better than they did.  Very seldom even getting a "Hey nice job." So don't tell me how hard life it.  I've been there, done that, forget the T-shirt, I have the damn scars!
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Helped raise two kids, and talk a couple of others out of taking their own life. Yes there is something worth living for.
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Out on the rocks in The San Juan Islands
Ketchikan Alaska - Blaine Washington - Seattle, Washington
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