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Improving on SAP calculations

Everyone installing Solar PV has to provide their customers with SAP calculations to show the expected returns of a proposed system. Whilst if used correctly it will give customers a reasonable basis to make their decisions it could be argued that SAP is overly simplistic.

SAP is unable to differentiate between two different systems of the same size even though the components could be totally different and operate at different efficiencies leading to inaccuracies over a 25 year period.

SAP is unable to accurately calculate the effects of shading in individual locations.

SAP also uses fairly broad climate data for the UK that doesn’t account for regional differences very well.

For this reason we also produce reports using more advanced software and our data base of all MCS approved equipment that lets us accurately model the optimum system for any location, roof size and environment.

By checking the two together along with the figures found through independent sources such as The Energy Saving Trust our customers can be reassured that they are receiving accurate information and make an informed decision with peace of mind.

They will also be armed with the knowledge to spot companies that may be using overselling tactics to get contracts!
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