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Secondary Language Teaching Using the TPRS Method

The TPRS Method or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is a unique way of teaching foreign language in a classroom setting. Secondary language teaching is never the same again after this methodology was introduced by Blaine Ray in 1990’s. A Spanish teacher himself, he designed an interactive strategy to keep his students’ interest and learn the language lessons faster than the traditional teaching. Teachers who have tried Spanish claimed students are able to reach fluency at a shorter period.

With TPRS, teachers are no longer spoon-feeding their students, instead, they are all performers in a storytelling, playacting, singing and reading workshops. The scenes simulate Read More…

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How TPRS Workshops Improve Learning Abilities of Second-Language Students

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) is a revolutionary methodology of imparting knowledge using a creative way of storytelling. This method was created by Blaine Ray in 1990 and proven effective in teaching foreign languages. Through TPRS Workshops, students and teachers interact in a relaxed and playful manner making the lessons more fun and enjoyable. When learning becomes an exciting experience, retention is higher than in a stressful environment. The students can easily associate a word or phrase with a pleasant moment.

In TPRS foreign language classes, Read More…

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Tips on Making TPRS Teaching & Learning More Effective

Make your TPRS teaching even more effective with these tips:

Set Clear Goals
Set your goals as a TPRS teacher and stick to it. Make it a priority to help them learn the language and be able to apply it in a flowing and conversational setting. From this goal, you can map out your lesson plans and structures on how to engage them to create a more meaningful dialogue. Read More...

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Integrating Multiple Learning Techniques with TPRS

TPRS has long been established as an effective method of teaching foreign languages. What sets it apart from the traditional teaching setup is how it creates a more dynamic environment, in which students become more engaged and engrossed in learning a foreign language.

But while the components of TPRS on its own can be efficient enough, it’s still recommended for teachers to find more avenues and create more methods that they can integrate with TPRS. Herein lies the beauty of TPRS because it does not restrict professionals Read More...

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Benefits of Attending the 2015 NTPRS Conference
A summer camp for teachers—why not? Just because you’re teaching already, doesn’t mean learning or harnessing your skills should cease. Teaching is a continuous learning process, especially if teaching secondary language is a specialty or primary focus. There are many facets to further improve on with foreign languages and participating in language classes for teachers may just be what is needed for a better and more fulfilling career.

Blaine Ray has been in the business of providing TPRS training and workshops for TPR Storytelling as among the very best method of teaching foreign language for over Read More...
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