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Google Map Maker - Bangladesh
Mapping Bangladesh Community is the official Google Map Maker Bangladesh Community
Mapping Bangladesh Community is the official Google Map Maker Bangladesh Community

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Crisis Mapping: Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter Mapping Project
Dear all, 

As the cyclone Mahasen is heading slowly towards Bangladesh, Mapping Bangladesh community initiated a Cyclone Shelter Mapping project on 14 May 2013 at 21:00 with the aim to map all Cyclone Shelters of Bangladesh throughout 119 Sub-districts in 16 coastal districts as soon as possible. Ten Regional Expert Reviewers (RERs) started working immediately after the project was proposed by Altaf-uz-Zaman and many of them kept mapping overnight. The shelters are now being mapped on a first-priority basis. 

To successfully map all the shelters with accuracy and precision, we are using the Cyclone Shelter Information Database, a government e-database on cyclone shelters across the country. RERs also opened up a Completion Plan Spreadsheet to monitor and record progress. Mapping Bangladesh community is working hand-in-hand with Google Bangladesh and Google Crisis Response Team who helped the community significantly by creating a spreadsheet from the e-database figures and also imported that data into a Google Fusion Table which generated a map of shelters, speeding up the overall process of the project.

The RERs were able to complete approximately 20% of the project in 20 hours; at this pace, it should take us about 4 more days to map all the cyclone shelters of the country. Right now, mapping shelters in Chittagong District is on the top of our list and all RERs are collaboratively working on this. As of 8:00 PM May 15, about 30% of shelter mapping in Chittagong District has been completed. Mapping shelters in this district is our first priority because it is expected that it is going to be hit the hardest by the cyclone Mahasen.
There are about 3634 Cyclone Shelters in the 16 coastal districts of the country, some of them also accommodating schools. Our aim is to map all the shelters as fast as possible to help in pre and post-cyclone disaster management and rehabilitation work of Bangladesh.

A Crisis Map of Bangladesh is live on our website with important details here: crisis maps of bangladesh | mappingbangladesh

If you or your relatives are prone to danger, please use the information and share the site address with them to let them locate the nearest shelter to their location.
Stay safe, everyone!

Dear All,
It's time to save our country from a Disaster.

crisis maps of bangladesh | mappingbangladesh

Share this link to let people know about the nearest CYCLONE SHELTER of your area. All places are shown in Google Maps.

Click on a point and see all details.

Google Map Maker - Bangladesh - Mapping Bangladesh Community & Google are making these for you.

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Google Map Maker - Bangladesh - Mapping Bangladesh Community is working Day-Night to cover all Cyclone Shelter in Google Maps thus people can find nearest Cyclone Shelter easily to protect themselves and their locality people from the attack of MAHASEN. 

The Danger signal is 7. 

Please share the Database Link to find out the nearest Location

Here is a Map View in Google Maps.

Share this information and save Bangladesh.

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গুগল ঢাকাতে "Dhaka Mapathon 2013" শুরু করেছে যার আওতায় ম্যাপিং বাংলাদেশ কমিউনিটি ঢাকা শহরে কমপক্ষে ১০ টি ম্যাপ আপ করবে। এর সূচনা হতে যাচ্ছে মে মাসের ১০ তারিখ "Experts' MapUp Dhaka" এর মাধ্যমে। 

আগামী ১০ মে, ২০১৩ বিকেল ৩ টায় ঢাকার বনানীতে অবস্থিত এফ আর টাওয়ারে ১৯ তলায় Magnito Digital এ আমাদের এই ম্যাপআপ টি অনুষ্ঠিত হবে। এই MapUp অনুষ্ঠানটি শুধু মাত্র অভিজ্ঞ ম্যাপারদের জন্য সীমাবদ্ধ। গুগল ম্যাপ এ যাদের এডিট সংখ্যা ৩৫০ এর উপরে এবং যারা ঢাকা শহরের গুলশান, বনানী, বারিধারা এলাকা এবং উত্তরা, মিরপুর এলাকা ভালোভাবে চিনেন তাদের অগ্রাধীকার দেওয়া হবে। আমাদের এই ম্যাপ-আপের মূল লক্ষ্য হল সবাই মিলে একসাথে বেশী করে নতুন স্থান গুগল ম্যাপ এ যোগ করা। এই ম্যাপ আপে সর্ব্বোচ্চ ২৫ জন ম্যাপার যোগ দিতে পারবেন। যারা এই ম্যাপ আপে যোগ দিতে চান তার এই রেজিস্ট্রেশন ফর্ম পূরন করুন । রেজিস্ট্রেশনের শেষ তারিখ ৬ মে, ২০১৩। যারা যারা নির্বাচিত হবেন তাদের মেইলে আগামী ৮ মে আমন্ত্রণ পত্র পাঠিয়ে দেওয়া হবে। 

আমাদের এই অনুষ্ঠানটি সফল করতে Magnito Digital আমাদের স্পন্সর করছে এবং GBG Dhaka আমাদের সাপোর্ট করছে।

MapUp Site: dhakamapup3

Registration Link: re | dhakamapup3

Sponsor Link: ,

G+ Event Link:

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Attention Dhaka Mappers!!!

I am going to arrange a G+ Hangout with Mappers from Dhaka on 21/04/2013 (Sunday) preferably at 8:00 pm. But the time may be changed based on your suggestion. 

This hangout is exclusively for Local Mappers from Dhaka as I am planning to develop the Map of Dhaka and want to arrange bi-weekly Meet Up with the residence Mappers of Dhaka.

If you are interested to join the Hangout and want to share your issues, Problems, Suggestions and also if you want to become a District Leader, then fill up the FORM and let me know your suitable time and ideas.

I will send you a confirmation if you get selected for the Hangout as we have a limitation of 10 people. But do not worry, the hangout will be Live in Youtube! So, you can listen everything we discuss on Hangout.

Date: April 21, 2013
Time: 08:00 PM ( I hope that time we all will be in Home! But, still you can make a choice for your suitable time in form)

Registration Link: 

Avijit Roy Kabyo
State Leader, Dhaka
Contact:|| 01711-165439

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