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Kicking the do-do out of my to-do!
Kicking the do-do out of my to-do!

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Really? When did San Fran become Anaheim

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Wow, +Marissa Mayer just became CEO of Yahoo. HUGE news!

Some more thoughts on Marissa Mayer's new CEO job. FINALLY Silicon Valley has a woman in a CEO role that we can be proud of. The other female CEOs simply are not geeky enough to bring innovation to the world. They were business types.

Marissa is a true geek. She codes. When you visit her home she has artwork around that she's coded. No other CEO is like her. None.

This is a very cool choice.

But she does face huge problems at Yahoo. That company has been abused by its leaders for so long and has lost so much talent. That said, one thing I watch is who would join a new leader. I've been at several events and have seen first hand the people that Marissa inspires. She'll probably bring in her own innovation team that will be world class pretty quickly. This will be an innovation shock to Yahoo that's definitely needed. 

I was just telling my boss, a woman, that I'm tired of how the valley talks about the problem of not enough women in engineering teams. This is a HUGE move in inspiring more women to join engineering ranks and learn to code. It's so good for Silicon Valley that we are pushing engineers to the top ranks again.

Two weeks ago I was talking with Marc Andreessen and he said that Silicon Valley works best when it's an innovation machine. This gives me great hope for the future of the valley and for Yahoo.

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Join David Davis, Stephen Spector, Matt Hubbard & me as we talk about Server Virtualization trends for SMBs.
#DellHangout Alert!

You are invited to join Virtualization experts for a LIVE Google+ On Air Hangout!

Also, register and be entered to win a Dell Latitude E6230
laptop! (view contest details here:

When: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
Time: 12 PM - 1 PM CST
Topic: The Latest Server Virtualization Trends for SMBs
Host: +David Davis of +TrainSignal. With more than 18 years of enterprise IT experience, David is a Virtualization evangelist at +TrainSignal, a global leader in video training for IT pros, and has authored hundreds of articles for websites and respected publications like Virtualization Review and +Computerworld.

Panelists include fellow Virtualization experts +Stephen Spector and +Kong Yang of +Dell as well as +matt hubbard of Trend Micro.

This Hangout will be hosted from the +Dell page so come on over to our page to watch the live feed.

Discussion Topics:
*Considerations for Server Virtualization based on common user scenarios
*Key Virtualization trends and predictions for the second half of 2012
*Benefits for both IT decision-makers and business decision-makers

For more details about the upcoming On Air Hangout, to register to win a Dell Latitude E6230 laptop, and for official sweepstakes rules, see the Guide to Growth blog post by +Letha Wicker here:

Remember to use the hashtag #DellHangout to stay in the loop!

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The 5 keyboard shortcut habits of highly effective Google+ users.

+Vic Gundotra tossed out a great tip recently, which is that the / key brings you to the top of the page when you're using Google+. It's helpful because we all find ourselves 10 pages down on the stream, but to post you need to get to the top. Using / is a great habit.

What you should also know about the / tip is that it's technically the command to launch a search -- it puts the select cursor in the Search box and brings you to the top of the page.

You've seen the long lists of keyboard shortcuts for Google+. Most people don't take the time or make the effort to use them habitually. It's a lot to memorize.

But nearly all the value of G+ keyboard shortcuts can be found in just five of them.

By getting in the habit of using these five, you can make using Google+ a LOT faster and easier.

Here they are:

/ Go to top of page and select Search box

J Scroll down to next post
K Scroll up to previous post
Enter Selects Comment box (when post is selected)
Enter + Tab Submits comment

* * *

Pic props to The Looney Tunes Show

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Gizmodo on the best ultrabook the Dell XPS 13

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Microsoft is pulling out of CES.

All Things D's Ina Fried reports that January's CES will feature CEO Steve Ballmer's and Microsoft's last keynote, and that the company in future will not have booths at the show, either.

Finally, Kong has come back to Google+!
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