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Campervan Australia
The Campervan Australia authority guide on campervan travel
The Campervan Australia authority guide on campervan travel


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Hire campervan New Zealand and take a break from stressful city life. Do you want to take that long awaited holiday in New Zealand that you’ve been dreaming of? Whether with your loved ones, family and friends or just by yourself?
Hire campervan NZ and plan your NZ holiday
Here at hire campervan NZ you have all the resources you need to plan a campervan hire New Zealand holiday. If you love nature and beautiful, sweeping scenery then you’ll love New Zealand while touring our country in a campervan.

Hire Campervan New Zealand
Why New Zealand? Let me take you to New Zealand and you will understand why you’ll hire campervans. New Zealand is known for its amazing scenic views. They offer unique experience that will make your vacation perfect.
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Campervans Motorhomes Australia for hire, motorhome rental and 4WD campervans. We offer the best deals with rental motrohomes in Australia.

Australia is undoubtedly the best place for an adventurous holiday. There is a lot to explore and enjoy when it comes to wildlife and scenery. Having a motorhome in Australia makes it the most exciting, perfect and complete adventure.

Campervans are a must have to hire while you are in Australia because it is a country full of excitement. Whether you are with family or alone, you can have outings and a lot of fun.
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If you are considering a campervan holiday in Australia then you need to consider your holiday itinerary, the length of time you want to spend on your road trip and the destinations you want to visit.
Planning on seeing most of the country in 2 weeks is not really possible as Australia is nearly half the size of Europe so you need to allow a lot more time than that.
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If you have decided to rent a campervan in Australia for your exciting Australian vacation then follow this advice before you sign the contract.
What to look for in the contract and how to prepare for any unforeseen charges and damage penalties after your great Australian campervan tour is over.
If you are planning a campervan trip around Australia then try our trip quote form to work out about how much it will cost you. The best campervan and motor home companies are all included in the search. You can compare prices.
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Camper van hire Brisbane can be expensive if you don’t know how to choose amongst the many Brisbane campervan hire companies.
Using our comparison engine is undoubtedly a good option if you want to explore Brisbane and Australia for the best price on offer for when you set out on your campervan holiday.
To streamline your Brisbane campervan hire search the first thing you need to do is to look for the cheapest price available for the times you want to book your holiday.
Campervan Australia
Campervan Australia
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Hire Campervan Gold Coast and visit the Theme Parks
The Gold Coast is home to some of Australia’s biggest and most exciting theme parks and with a hire campervan gold coast you can take your time to enjoy them in your home away from home.
Warner Bros. Movie World
Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia’s only movie related theme park is where movie magic happens every day. This Gold Coast theme park is geared up for family adventure where you’ll experience all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.
Meet your favourite stars like Bugs Bunny and Batman; see behind-the-scenes action and comedy stunts; and enjoy the exhilarating rides, shows and attractions in comfort when you hire campervan gold coast.
Sea World
SeaWorld offers a unique environment where you can make contact with marine life (including a visit to the Polar bear cubs Hudson and Nelson and their friends Lia and Lutik) and experience a whole world of amazing rides, shows and attractions like Shark Bay.
More than just a theme park, the Gold Coast’s Sea World is committed to educating guests about the marine environment, playing an active role in Australian marine research and rescue.
Dreamworld is an action packed adventure for the entire family on the Gold Coast. Home to some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world, Dreamworld is also home to Tiger Island (where you can watch rare Bengal tigers at play).
Nick Central kids zone (bursting with 16 different rides and attractions), the Australian Wildlife Experience (where you can cuddle a koala, pat a kangaroo, get up close to the big crocs and maybe even shear a sheep), Wiggles World, and Big Brother.
Wet’n'Wild Water World
Wet & Wild is Australia’s largest water theme park on the Gold Coast is where the whole family can enjoy the fun and excitement of the latest slides, pools and attractions.
These include the thrills and spills of Mammoth Falls, Terror Canyon II and Super 8 Aqua Racer, relaxing at Calypso Beach, or catching a Dive-in Movie at the Giant Wave Pool.
Compare rates from the top hire campervan Gold Coast companies and get the best deal possible for your Gold Coast campervan holiday.
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If you’re visiting another city or state such as Perth in Western Australia,  picking up a campervan hire Perth Airport offers greater convenience and freedom than relying on public transport services, and could work out cheaper with options such as 6 berth campervan hire for large groups and families.
Reasons to consider a campervan hire in Perth airport WA
Campervan Hire Perth Airport
Perth has an extensive and well maintained public transport infrastructure however, there are distinct advantages in picking up a campervan hire Perth Airport WA when you arrive – especially when it comes to getting where you want to be with the minimum of hassle.
With a cheap campervan, you operate on your own time schedule and won’t have to suffer the delays and other issues of trains and buses or pay the steep fares of taxis.
Getting the best deals
If you do choose to book a campervan hire Perth Airport , you’ll naturally want to secure the most cost effective deal – and this means more than just looking for the cheapest prices. Checking the fine print of your campervan rental terms is essential if you want to avoid problems further down the line, as there may be limitations on mileage and other restrictions that are not suited to your travel.
Free airport pick-up and drop-off can also save you the money and the hassle of finding your own way around.
Campervan hire at Perth Airport
Campervan Australia offers campervan hire from Perth airport at both the arrivals and departure lounges in the international and domestic terminals, with free bus and shuttle transfers to and from Perth Airport. Visit us to find out more about our cheap low mileage campervans with full logbook services and free pickup from your hotel.
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Hire a Campervan Perth Cheap
One of the most common questions people ask after choosing a campervan hire Perth Airport, is where are some great places to drive to around the Perth City area?.
One of the first places I would drive to after you hire a campervan Perth is along the spectacular Perth coastline.
Park your campervan and visit Cottesloe beach
Perth has over 19 sensational white sandy beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are Cottesloe, Scarborough and Trigg. You will find ample campervan parking available and an assortment of shops providing food, drinks and other retail outlets.
Driving your hire campervan about 10 minutes North from Trigg Beach along the West Coast Hwy coastal route is Hillarys Marina. This is also a very popular spot with great beaches, fun parks, retail shops, food, a pub and a number of great restaurants.
How much to hire a campervan Perth? Is a question you may be wondering about and our Perth Airport campervan hire outlet always has many specials running from very cheap to normal rates, just ask at the counter or check out our Perth campervan hire comparison page to get the best rates.
Here is a very valuable tip for visitors in hire camapervans. I would always recommend that you choose a company that does not put markings on the vehicle identifying that it is a hire campervan.
If you leave your vehicle in a car park it could attract a break in. Many visitors have lost cameras and other valuables from campervans. Be sure to lock all valuables in a safe place, away from “prying eyes”.
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A trip by campervan for hire in Australia is a very good option if you are looking for a wild and fascinating country to visit. Australia has many wonderful regions where one can enjoy fully the gift of the outdoors.
Hire Britz 4wd from campervan Australia
The country is riddled with numerous unique but equally wonderful tourist spots and attractions. The best way and the most preferred mode of travel around Australia is with the use of a camper van.
Compare Quotes From Campervan Companies
If you are planning a campervan trip around Australia then try our trip quote form to work out about how much it will cost you. The best campervan and motorhome companies are all included in the search. You can compare prices.
<p>Discovery Campervans</p>
There are many campervan companies in Australia. It is an easy matter to rent out one and have the time of your life. However, when choosing a campervan, one must be conscientious about it. You cannot have just any camper van. You must choose the best.
If you are on a budget, then make sure to choose a campervan for hire in Australia that has got most of the basic features. So exactly what basic features would you look for when choosing the right campervan Australia? First and foremost, you should be comfortable with the vehicle. You will be driving it, so you better be in sync with it.
You should also ask a camper van’s passenger capacity. Depending on how many you are, you can choose the right Australia camper van. There are camper vans that accommodate only two people, but there are also camper vans that accommodate three or more.
Now you could start examining the interiors and the necessary amenities. A good camper van Australia must have sleeping facilities. Make sure that the camper van has bed quilts, pillows and bed sheets. Make sure you trust the cleanliness and comfort of these things. Also, make sure that they are functional and just right for your needs. Because you would be sleeping in them, so you might want to have the best.
A good campervan Australia must also have bathing amenities. This is very necessary as you all know. After all, freshness of the body can make exploring and driving around more enjoyable. So make sure that the showers work and that the towels are abundant. You may also want to acquire other bathing amenities such as soap and shampoo.
A good campervan that should be used in discovering Australia must be fitted out with complete eating and cooking features. It is called a campervan Australia because it would be your temporary motor home as you explore Australia. So you should be able to cook in there and eat in there. The kitchen in the campervan should be well appointed. Check properly so you would not have difficulties later on.
Basically, these are the things you want to look for when choosing the perfect campervan Australia for you. There are still many other features offered but usually they have additional charges. Still, there are many campervans companies who hire vehicles on budget.
However, since you are there to enjoy Australia and not only the campervan, then additional features could be done away with. As long as the camper van is functional, then it is already a very good one for a camper van australia.
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