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Get the Zip Hinge Today & Eliminate Your Nemesis, The Gutter Downspout Extension
*Must read in "Ninja Voice."

Welcome to my Dojo!  I am "The Gutter Ninja." A.K.A 33 Enterprises. store is action packed with information about the Zip Hinge. The Gutter Ninja is here to equip you with the best DIY gutter protection and gutter guard product on the market, bar none. Soon you will become a gutter ninja yourself.

Believe it or not your gutter downspouts are your nemesis. I'm sure it's in your way all the time. Think about the time when you were; plant flowers, gardening, watering the lawn, spreading mulch, landscaping, mowing, edging, shoveling snow or playing back yard football. This pesky thing seems to always be in the way, though it makes for a great end zone marker.

Not only does it invade your personal space it also has a very calculating motivation...It waits patiently for you when you are at your most vulnerable state and BAM it attacks by tripping you. Downspouts are vicious and they don't care if you get hurt. These things love to destroy your homes foundation, landscaping and so forth. It's time to get revenge on this aluminum leg sweeping, lawn destroying, foundation disrupting beast. Prepare to seek and destroy that ugly looking, dented, rusted, time draining, touchdown tackling, curb appeal killing, lawn and landscaping wart.

*You can stop reading in a "Ninja Voice" if you want but still recommended.

All joking aside...The Gutter Ninja is a small ecommerce store that specializes in one simple cost effective product, the Zip Hinge. My simple goal is to help you make your number one investment...your home, less problematic when doing day to day outdoor activities.  The Zip Hinge is a unique one of a kind product that can help save you time and money by expediting your yard work so you can get back to living life. Unlike large and impersonal big-box retailers (which do not carry the Zip Hinge) that carry everything under the sun, I focus 100% on the Zip Hinge and nothing else.

What the Ninja will provide for you!
Outstanding Customer Service

I take outstanding care of my customers, and have earned a reputation as a place you can count on to deliver quality, dependable service.  Especially when you're making a purchase, you need to be confident that the company you buy from will support you before AND after the sale.

Technical Resources & Information

If you're buying or installing your Zip Hinge, or if you just need a refresher on a topic, my videos, graphics, PDFs, instruction library offers a wealth of useful information.  It contains the Zip Hinge benefits and how to do a proper install.

Additionally, I think you'll find my product listing to be detailed and comprehensive - They include full product specs, videos and detailed descriptions on how the Zip Hinge works.  I've invested heavily, time and money to make my site the most informative Zip Hinge resource online in the hopes it makes your shopping and decision process easier.

A Ninja Promise To You

If I am fortunate enough to earn your business, I'll provide you with the professional, prompt and expert service you deserve. And in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, I'll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible at no cost to you. Because my business depends on word of mouth, I want you to be happy with the service and product you receive, and I will do whatever I can to ensure that is the case – that's a ninja personal guarantee! I invite you to become one of the many homeowners who have trusted me to get them the best products and service.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.


The Gutter Ninja 

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