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Ivan Sorensen
One more proletarian.
One more proletarian.

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I suffer from "Musical Death" syndrome.

Every time I see a reference to the band Death, I feel the urge to go listen to one of their albums.

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If internet privacy is important to you, might be a good time to call or write your representative

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So there's 10 trillion of these pseudo rpg/strategy browser games..

Anyting to recommend? Im specifically after something where I could just check in twice a day, click on a few things to build things or level up and then it sort of manages itself.

Grindy is fine.
Preferably NO pvp stuff and pretty light on the attention required.

Watching Macross with the kid.

The animation holds up surprisingly well, dialogue is pretty awful but in an endearing kinda way.

The music seemed cooler when I was a kid :-)

Does Steam have a way to filter out early access shit when you search? 

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This might be of interest to some of my MtG playing friends.

Sort of an interesting read.

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