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A tall but gentle man.
A tall but gentle man.

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Love this idea.
Bitsbox Debuts Monthly Coding Projects That Teach Kids To Build Simple Apps

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Oh man, how I've wanted to disable the auto-opening of the Android File Transfer application. Super annoying during Android app development. Here's a quick how-to to do just that.

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Reading this shows that the 49ers players are, for the most part, a classy bunch. Also, they had very mature comments regarding the officiating, in which let's be honest, favored Seattle. "I played in the game, so I saw some of the officiating, but I'm not going to blame anybody for how the game turned out," Smith said. "(The officials) couldn't play the game. We played the game. Two good teams played and there was a winner.''

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Via +The MMQB 

Seahawks CB Richard Shermanhas a message for owners: Pay us for the preseason! 

Do you agree?

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Nail on the head.

Alright SSFC... it's all in front of you now. Battle in Seattle on Tuesday against Mexico's best. Wish I could be there. Are you going? We should be able to pack the place for matches like this.

Is it a bad sign that there's always some labeled financial crisis in Washington for politicians to blame each other for? Same story, different day.
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