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Creating change - NLP
Creating change - NLP

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Did any of you see Good Morning Britain this week?

There were 2 guests and 2 very BIG Spiders! The 2 people featured have a Spider Phobia and the next day they will be cured of it!

As an NLP Life Coach I am able to rid people of their Phobias, usually in ONE easy session.


Wikipedia describes a phobia as any kind of anxiety disorder that amounts to an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations.


Usually it starts when you have an unpleasant experience and then you end up anchoring the strong negative emotion to that situation/ object. It is a learnt behaviour!


As it is a learnt behaviour you are able to un-learn it! By using NLP Techniques you are able to de-code the negative experience and teach your brain to respond differently.
Most of the clients I see manage to rid themselves of their phobia after just one session.


As October is approaching and it is the season of all things spooky I am offering a Phobia session at the discounted fee of £45 provided the session is booked and attended through out October.

What have you got to lose? other than the Fear of course!

Visit my website for more info:

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I often talk about Your Thoughts Become Your Reality and I want to further explain how this works.....

Oh and by the way Do Not Think About A Purple Elephant Right Now !

Ok, so how did your Purple Elephant look ?

That's right ! You immediately saw a Purple Elephant !

This is your Reticular Activating System working at its best.

Our RAS filters the huge amount of information that comes our way every second of the day. Your brain becomes automatically aroused when it notices something of importance to you, something that is at the front of your mind ....A bit like when you decide to buy a particular make of car and then you see them everywhere and previously you had not noticed them.

SO the next time you tell yourself  I am always late or I cant lose weight or I am useless be VERY careful as your RAS will give you lots of things to support your belief.

The stronger a belief is the more likely you are to tell yourself its true and to act out in a way that supports it.

SO set your RAS to look for and focus on the positives, stuff you are good at and what you WANT from life rather than what you DONT WANT.

Give your RAS a go and let me know what happens .
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Today I started the day off feeling a bit glum, not quite firing on all cylinders.
My health is not great at the moment following a broken back earlier in the year and things just don't seem to be going my way ....

I sat myself down and gave myself a stern talking to, I knew my mind set was not helping me at all !

NLP has 4 RULES FOR SUCCESS so I re visited these today !

Start with the final goal in mind because what you focus on the most becomes your reality

Even if you do not have a complete plan to begin with at least make a start. Don't do nothing !

If what you are doing isn't working then change it

To be fully aware you need sensory acuity ie being aware of whats going on around you

And you know what as unbelievable as it may seem this afternoon the telephone rang and I have the opportunity of coaching a client in a Rehab Unit I have been eager to align with for a few years now.

Proof that what you focus on really does become your reality. I changed my focus to CAN DO rather CAN NOT. 

contact me for further details on NLP Life Coaching

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Recently changed the 'Business' name from Completehealth-NLP

I am now using Creating Change - NLP, the same as my Logo.

Everything else is as before - I am still practicing as an NLP Life Coach & IEMT Therapist based in Bitterne, Southampton.

My website remains

Visit my website to see how NLP can help you Create Change in your Lifestyle
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