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Evan Bush
Multimedia Journalist. Ukulele Player. Bike/Kayak Lover. Newsy Producer.
Multimedia Journalist. Ukulele Player. Bike/Kayak Lover. Newsy Producer.

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After a week plus of +, I'm thinking it resides exactly between Twitter and Facebook on the social community/ interest community scale. With Twitter, I follow people I'm curious about/ would enjoy their thoughts. I often don't know them. With Facebook, I only interact with people I know (besides creepers from high school). + seems right in between. Thoughts?

+Andrew Orozco Thought of you today. As I walked off the metro, someone looking altogether like Jack Sparrow was playing a reggae version of "The Weight"/

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Thanks to +Adam Falk who just shared this fantastic site with me:

If it did a better job explaining what it was about, this might be some of the most fun and engaging web design + content out there.

How cool is Google's method of sending feedback--it allows you to essentially highlight anything wrong and then blackout personal information. Nice touch.

Just beginning to explore "sparks". Feel like they were a bit hidden from view within the navigation. Seems like it's a Google News/RSS/search hybrid. Am I understanding this correctly?

First Hangout was a rousing success!

So I switched over to the new Gmail a few days ago and now I'm on plus. My web experience feels radically different -- sleeker and simpler.

So far, I'm liking the design of Google+ quite a bit. Very intuitive. And sometimes its nice not to have to use 140 characters!
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