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The more you hide, the more I know you're up to no good.

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Do the world a favor.  If you see an ISIS, behead an ISIS.

Find an ISIS, Behead an ISIS.

See Obama, that's how easy is to make a decision. 

ISIS must die, whether it be in a group or individuals.  If anyone kills an ISIS member the law should look the other way.

Keep in mind, they must be ISIS, so be sure.

Trying to find anyone with information on Sue's Place in Lansingburgh.

Found out yesterday that it's closed and up for sale.

I want to find out what happened, and just when it closed.

Can't seem to find anything online, even checked the local papers and can't find any information..

Christina Grimme made it through the second Battle Rounds

I have a sister, that is getting stranger by the day.  She started by blocking me on Facebook, and then removed me on Facebook as her brother.

If that is not enough, she apparently doesn't want me commenting on her or her husband post here, so she blocked me from that as well.

It only leads me to believe that she is doing more to do attempt to do me harm.

Joke is on her, I really don't care what she does, and if it comes down to being screwed, I've got the law on my side.
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