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A new version of Android Market available.

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Please help share this.
Please share this with everyone you know. Even if you aren't from Wisconsin. It take just a few seconds and those few seconds could make all the difference in the world. Thank you!!

This is my friend's 17 year old daughter, Arianna Rose Huhn. She has been missing since Wednesday evening. They have been working with the Sheboygan Police Department. If you have any information, please contact them at 920.459.3333

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Let's Help Sergey Ripple Past Mark Zuckerberg in Followers Too

1. Please add +Sergey Brin to a circle.
2. And then please share this post with your circles.
3. Finally, enjoy using Google+ Ripples on this post to see how quickly this meme spreads!

+Larry Page has 618,000 followers on Google+ and is adding thousands per day, extending his lead over Mark Zuckberberg, who has never publicly posted anything here.

It's time for Google co-founder +Sergey Brin with his 447,000 followers to also pass Mark with his 600,000 followers. Let's see how fast all of us +ers can make this happen!

Please share this with everyone you know and encourage them to follow +Sergey Brin as well as Larry. Both of them seem to be posting more frequently now, and both of them have incredibly interesting things to say.

Update: a couple of people suggested unfollowing +Mark Zuckerberg as well, to speed things up. I'm approaching my limit of how many people I can follow - I'm at 4,699 now - so unfollowing him frees up a spot. :)
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New Presidential Candidate.

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Hip Hip Hurray! Google+ for Google Apps is here. Anyone needing
help deploying, consulting or training in Google Apps for Business or
Education these sites may help you. or

The Google Apps Dude

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With the news last week from CERN we may have to reformulate equations when relating to time.Take a look at how few views this 4 hour YouTube video has of Dr. David Lewis Anderson speaking about the results of his institutes experiments on Time Control/Travel. If I did not listen to it in it's entirety and confirm the authenticity of the interview I would think it was BS.

But whether one believes it or not I definitely believe and agree with Dr. Anderson that this technology although in it's infancy needs to be open and transparent but at the same time regulated and/or monitored on a international level.

I think the fate of humanity looks very grim considering a Lady Gaga video gets more hits in 1 minute than this video received in one year. I have never been so entertained and glued to interview like I was during this one. Trust me you will too.

Have your group/s "peviously set up all with editing privilages to the same Google Apps text document" enter their ideas or input by speaking into their android phones on to the same document opened in docs for android.

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I think every American male should get one.
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