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I wrote this. I hope you'll read it.

No app roundup today - not enough new candidates. Sorry, I guess you'll just have to make do with the college football championship. 

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Hi there. 

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When you just won the World Series, but you still gotta make that eBay money
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Google's having a rough day.
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This year's best nomination to the SEO Spam Hall of Fame is "Download Nougat 7.0 Update For Microsoft Surface Pro 3."
The "comments" are great too, including "Just upgrade my galaxy, work perfect, thanks." 

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I couldn't find a clip of Bubo the robo-owl (from the original Clash of the Titans) for my Twitter notification. So I made one. You're welcome.

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PR agents: if you ever see me in a bar, bring up this post and I will obligingly buy you a drink on the spot.

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Android Police is hiring contributors to write stories! Requirements include:

-Previous blogging experience - it's especially good if it was at an organization (strongly preferred, but not required if you can provide excellent writing samples and show strong Android knowledge).
-Impeccable English (absolutely required).
-Regular availability (positions for contributors are not "full time," but you can write as much as you want, and preferably a lot).
-A fairly modern Android smartphone (e.g., no more than 2-3 years old).
-Strong Android knowledge highly preferred, but not necessarily required if Android is something you'd like to learn a lot more about.
-Attention to detail.

Apply at jobs at androidpolice dot com with an introduction and writing samples. Resumes can be helpful, but are not required.

Are any of you folks Apple Music users on Android? I could use a screenshot for an Android Police article.
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