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Adam Schoenbart
English Teacher and Google Education Trainer
English Teacher and Google Education Trainer

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Make Data Matter With Formative Assessment & Technology
Technology, learning, and data. These are three of my favorite things. And when they can come together to provide meaningful information about learning, it can transform teaching and learning. In Data Driven Duds: The Problem with Formative Assessment , I w...

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When Social Media Breaks Bad: Why I STILL Want My Students Using Social Media
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Yoda may be talking about the dark side of the force here, but his Jedi wisdom is just as applicable to the dark side of social media and technology. Lik...

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Should We Play in High School? Participating in Global School Play Day #GSPD2017
Today, February 1, was the annual Global School Play Day , with over 275,000 students participating around the world. And this year, my 20 tenth grade students were among them. We had a great time playing and talking about the value of play. Global School P...

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Data Driven Duds: The Problem with Formative Assessment
Who is assessment for? That’s a fundamental question for any teacher and any assignment--what data or feedback does this work provide and to whom? How? What comes next? Why? These types of questions are essential in making sure that our teaching and assessm...

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What’s Next? 3 Tech Tips For Designing Lessons So Learning Never Stops
What’s next? It’s probably the number one question that students ask. They get curious about the lesson, finish a task and are looking for more, or are just eagerly looking forward. Or maybe they were simply distracted or confused. It seems like the what’s ...

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4 Ways Student Were Surprised By Passion-Based Learning & Research
I may have a lot of questions about the best way to make passion-based learning work for my students, but I have no doubt of its value. When students care about what they learn and can help determine how they learn, the experience and learning is transforma...

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Midterm Madness: Why Do We Give Midterm Exams?
So what’s the deal with midterms? I write this mid-January, in the middle of the midterm crunch. My students have come to my class every day this week to take their English 9 and 10 midterm exams. Over two hours of testing split over four days, wiping out a...

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Perplexed by Passion: Planning for a Better #GeniusHour
Just last week, a tenth grade student turned to me and said, “Do we ever get to do anything creative this year?” While I’d certainly challenge his assertion about creation and creativity in our class, I knew what he was asking--when are we going to do somet...

Question on CSS (I think)...

I'm trying to resize my column with and want to add line breaks in the headers (Proposal Date over 2 lines instead of one).

Any tips on how to do this? I'm reading through the custom css documentation but it's my first try with this so would love some tips of where to start.

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Just relaunched using Awesome Table + Geocode and I'm having some tooltip issues that I can't figure out.

My tooltips aren't showing up except for the full address line, and the custom edit / HTML will not edit or save. When I click open map, I get directions to update the deprecated view of Awesome Table, but this is a brand new table (made last week). There's nothing for me to updates; I'm logged in and use it in the new Sites.

I assume I broke some sort of link by adding conflicting programming or functions throughout the sheet but can't seem to figure out what. Would very much appreciate any insight into tooltips--my site depends on it. Thanks in advance. 
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