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Jonathan Hatch
Irish/American academic soul rebel
Irish/American academic soul rebel
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Watching Terror in London From Afar: Some Raw Thoughts...
The news coming from London of the terror attacks is awful.
News of terror always is… It brought some thoughts to my mind… I remember the first time I met a terrorist. A former
paramilitary in Northern Ireland. A murderer.  I remember how odd it felt to sit...

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Why I (finally) Stopped Attending Church...
In 2014, I
blogged about why, despite many issues with hierarchies, politics, and status quo culture, I still attended
church: I think, for me, it comes down to
the deep love and devotion I have for the Eucharist itself, known by many names
across many trad...

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Doing Theology In The Light of Executive Order 13769...
I’d like to talk about Executive Order 13769 . If you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad; it’s rarely
ever called that. I’ve heard it called the ‘Travel Ban’, the ‘US Ban on
Muslims’, and the ‘Muslim Travel Ban.’ But I’m an academic; word accuracy is i...

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We Need To Talk About The Word 'Support'...
I work as a
‘supply teacher’; in the US, it’s referred to as a ‘substitute teacher’ or simply
a ‘sub’. Basically, I’m there if the regular teacher isn’t, taking the class,
teaching the lessons, and making sure the work gets done. I don’t
mind the work; it c...

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Penance: Spiritual Help for When Things are Ruined…
Last week I
posted a bit of a rant over the situation in Aleppo, the situation in Syria in
general, and just what felt like the chasm between all of our festive Christmas
preparations happening in their light. I
appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten about it,...

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Herod’s Willing Accomplices: Celebrating Christmas in the Shadow of Aleppo
has their breaking points, the moment when all consideration of decorum,
diplomacy or dialogue, simply ends. In 1994, Canadian
diplomat Louis Gentle reached his. Gentle worked
in Banja Luka in Bosnia for the UN Commissioner for Human Rights. The Se...

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Doing Theology at Standing Rock...
Thanksgiving, Americans gather with their extended family and remind themselves
of a day in 1621 when Pilgrim settlers, seeking a new life of liberty and religious
freedom, celebrated in their new land and with a great abundance of food and
the good c...

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Rethinking 'Resistance': Avoiding Fixating on D**** T**...*
It has been extremely difficult to be on social media this
week. I’ve been exposed to an endless torrent of hate, bigotry, ignorance, and
hysteria… And that’s just from my friends . What I mean is this: way too many of my friends are posting
links- sometime...

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Some (Hopefully Helpful) Thoughts On Your Safety Pin...
One of the
most powerful examples of symbolic protest was during the Second World War
when, in April of 1940, Germany invaded neutral Denmark.  In a powerful act of
solidarity with his Jewish subjects, King Christian X donned the yellow Jewish
star that the...

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'Exile': Doing Theology in Donald Trump's America
I will not lie to you; I'm very, very worried.  The
election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency is bad, potentially disastrous. A man who
so openly courted neo-Nazis to his campaign- the real, honest-to-God ones, not
the vaguely centre-right establishment...
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