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Marek Karcz
computer programmer, electronics hobbyist/tinkerer, retro computing/8-bit enthusiast, commodore 64 user/programmer, arduino, raspberry pi
computer programmer, electronics hobbyist/tinkerer, retro computing/8-bit enthusiast, commodore 64 user/programmer, arduino, raspberry pi

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Got a new Hohner Blue Harp from my son under Christmas tree. This is the result of 30 minutes practice. Apparently I have a lot of room for improvement, but the harmonica sure sounds great - much better then cheap plastic one from known biggest retailer.

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Video, keyboard, sound for MKHBC-8-Rx.
Update on MKHBC-8-Rx project. While I still need to put RTC + Banked RAM circuit to the more permanent prototyping board (currently on a breadboard), I am already thinking about next step - a user I/O for my system, so it becomes a fully self contained syst...

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Sometimes, all you need is a different way of looking at a problem...

Found at: (

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Parallax Propeller 1 is already 10 years old, but it has pretty cool unusual (or perhaps should I say - 'niche') architecture for a micro-controller. It is an 8-core (cores are called cogs on propeller) parallel computer on a chip with each core running at 20 MIPS and having video generating capability built in (each core!). Each core has its own private memory and registers but there is also shared memory and round-robin style multiplexer that provides access to shared resources for each cog in equal slices of time. There are no interrupts in this chip because you don't need them. You just run the process in a separate cog if you need to have a dedicated service for any event. I purchased the P8X32A Quickstart 40000 Rev. A board 2 years ago and just found it in my drawer :-). So I purchased also C3 board and human interface shield for Quickstart and I am ready for some serious experimenting and learning to program in SPIN and prop assembly. Fun!
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CP/M : Tetris Clone in Turbo Pascal 3.0.
being an 8-bit era MS-DOS equivalent, a platform for
professional/business software had the advantage over most home
computer platforms of that time, which were usually equipped and
stuck with BASIC as their main programming language and operating

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Management tried to eliminate programmers from business equation for years now. They are the expensive undisciplined bunch. But I guess they're here to stay for now.

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Virtual Machines and CPU Emulation (VM65), Linux, SDL2 and NCURSES.
of the desired goals of my 6502 emulator project was that it would
work the same on MS Windows and Linux. I neglected Linux port for
some time and recently faced the difficult task of making the program
work again in Linux environment. So
I added my gra...

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The iRobot Create and STM32 Nucleo F411RE board.
It's been a while since I did any project related to robotics. I have never done anything advanced, but some time ago (about 10 years) me and few friends from work got interested in the topic of making our own autonomous robot and programming it for fun and...
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