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"That's the chirp we've been looking for" 
Alas, it's not a tweet, it's a chirp.

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Great argument for a living wage.

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I created and had provisional patent on a new model for a relational balance, and then I decided it should be public property,  thus I am posting my patent application number, filing date and attorney docket number here: let it be known that I want this model I created to be a part of the public realm, with no private entity holding any patent for this concept. 
William Campbell
Patent application number 61/726,112 
Attorney Docket number 184002PRV
Confirmation number 3516

Saskatchewan! Hello from Boulder, Colorado. 
Thank you for the invite! I'm interested in using technology to help students make their own "thought products" and stories come alive: focused on math, hybrid environments, photography and moviemaking.

Thank you for the invite Lisa!
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