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New t-mobile 4G LTE SIM card
Price around $8 to $12
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02 .05 .2019 att prepaid plan credit check

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Simple mobile nationwide $25 plan roaming to South America

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AT&T will roll out next generation 5G mobile internet to its customers this year

AT&T said it will roll out 5G mobile internet for users across a dozen U.S. cities by late 2018
5G promises to bring faster mobile internet speeds and could underpin other technology like driverless cars
AT&T said it expects to be the first U.S. carrier to bring 5G to customers

AT&T said on Thursday it will roll out next generation 5G mobile internet in a dozen U.S. cities by late 2018.

America's second-largest wireless carrier said it expects to be the first U.S. company to introduce the technology if its timeline is achieved.

AT&T's announcement comes after international 5G standards were agreed in December by 3GPP, the body that develops and governs cellular standards.

"We're moving quickly to begin deploying mobile 5G this year and start unlocking the future of connectivity for consumers and businesses," Melissa Arnoldi, president of AT&T technology and operations, said in a press release on Thursday.

"With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, 5G will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences like virtual reality, future driverless cars, immersive 4K video and more."

AT&T also said that it also plans on trialing 5G technology with businesses.

The mobile industry has promised 5G would bring faster internet speeds to stream videos or download data. But it is also seen as a technology that can underpin driverless cars, allowing vehicles to send large amounts of data from their sensors back and forth.

AT&T did not disclose which areas would receive 5G first.

AT&T v. US
The other big carrier storyline will play out in the courtroom. But wait, it's not a typical boring patent lawsuit. There are ramifications that may directly affect you.

AT&T is set to face the US Department of Justice in the courtroom on March 19 in a legal battle to acquire Time Warner. Companies that face a Justice Department lawsuit blocking their deal typically give up. But AT&T's willingness to pursue this deal shows how important getting into the media business is to the company.
It's the strongest illustration of the key 2017 theme of firms getting into the entertainment business. Companies like Apple and YouTube invested in shows. Verizon has combined its AOL assets with Yahoo to create media and advertising business Oath, but AT&T by far has made the larger bet with Time Warner, home to CNN, HBO and "Justice League."

"In 2018 entertainment will become faster, more insightful, more social and more mobile than ever before," said an AT&T spokesman.

How this trial plays out could shape who owns and creates your favorite shows and movies, as well as how it's delivered to you.

It's a good thing those unlimited plans are back.

What mobile has in store for you in 2018
From the Samsung Galaxy S9 to AT&T's epic quest to buy Time Warner, CNET takes a look at the biggest trends for next year.
Unlimited data returned to the mobile world in a big way this year.

T-Mobile's move in 2016 to offer only an unlimited data plan initially drew a lot of scorn. But instead of withdrawing, the company raised the ante, announcing at CES in January of this year that it would shave off taxes and fees. Its momentum dragged Verizon and AT&T into the unlimited game, and now that's become the default option on all the national carriers.

T-Mobile's push to cover the cost of taxes and fees in its unlimited plan helped drive its popularity -- in turn getting the rest of the industry to follow along on unlimited.

Meanwhile, your phones took a different look as makers like LG, Samsung and Apple shaved off the bezels around the display, allowing them to pack more screen in a smaller body. Samsung, in particular, was looking to impress after the disastrous and flammable Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

Then there was AT&T's quest to become a Hollywood powerhouse -- which is still in question with the Justice Department suing to block its acquisition of Time Warner. The buzz over the oh-so-close merger between T-Mobile and Sprint capped off the second half of the year -- at least until both sides walked away from the deal.

In other words, it was a crazy 2017 for the mobile world.

How do you top this year? Here's a look ahead to all things mobile.

No Galaxy S9 at CES
The tech New Year kicks off with CES, which sets the direction with a bevy of gadgets and tech themes. But with a few exceptions, the show has traditionally shied away from major mobile announcements. It's typically a time for lower-profile smartphone makers like Huawei, ZTE or TCL to make their mark.

That seemed like it might change when reports emerged that Samsung would tease its Galaxy S9 smartphone -- the highest-profile mobile device in the
hopper -- at CES. Alas, Samsung shot down those rumors in an interview with Korea Herald, so we'll be left waiting until the Mobile World Congress trade show in February for the mobile heavy hitters to step in. (Samsung declined to comment on the rumor.)
Of course, chip companies like Intel and Qualcomm will be around, and 5G will inevitably be a topic of conversation. The next-generation cellular technology is supposed to dramatically boost our wireless speeds, and also make it easier to connect a myriad of other gadgets to the internet.

But most don't expect 5G to show up in a big way until at least 2019. Meanwhile, the hype train will continue to chug along.

As AT&T focuses on show business, wireless still struggles

The telecom giant wants to be an entertainment giant. But the transition has been awkward and AT&T is still well behind rivals T-Mobile and Verizon in wireless.

AT&T can't stop reminding people that it's in the entertainment business now.

But the reality is the company's still in the phone business.

The country's second-largest wireless provider by subscribers added 3 million net customers in the third quarter, the company said in its earnings report on Tuesday. Roughly 2.3 million of those customers were in the US, the company's home market.

But AT&T gained only 130,000 phone subscribers, while losing 97,000 post-paid phone customers. The post-paid customers -- people who pay at the end of the month -- are the most coveted because they typically boast higher credit scores and rack up bigger bills. It also added 227,000 prepaid phone customers through its Cricket and AT&T Prepaid services, and saw 700,000 new customers from Mexico.

On the other end, AT&T's DirecTV streaming service added a net 300,000 customers, marking a rare bright spot for a period in which the company lost nearly 90,000 US video subscribers. It ended the period with 25.1 million total video subscribers.

The dichotomy underscores AT&T's awkward transition as it looks to transform itself into a Hollywood powerhouse from stodgy telecom player. Though it doesn't want to lose you as a phone customer, the company is increasingly seeing more value in delivering video service, as well as programs like "Game of Thrones." That's why it spent $49 billion for satellite TV provider DirecTV and is pushing to close its $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner, the studio behind the hit HBO show.

The extra incentive is that AT&T has been struggling to deal with the competitive heat on the wireless end. In the same quarter, T-Mobile added 595,000 postpaid phone customers, while Verizon gained 274,000. T-Mobile and Sprint are widely expected to announce a merger in the coming weeks, which could potentially create a stronger rival.

One bright spot: Customers are sticking around longer. AT&T reported its postpaid customer turnover rate fell to 0.84 percent from 1.04 percent a year ago, even if it ticked up slightly from the second-quarter turnover rate (known in the industry as "churn") of 0.79 percent.

On the entertainment side, AT&T crowed about nabbing nearly 800,000 DirecTV Now subscribers in less than a year. But the company also lost 385,000 traditional video subscribers in the period, thanks to competition from both streaming services and other traditional pay-TV providers. It also blamed the numerous natural disasters that hit the US, and the company tightening its credit policy and kicking off customers who weren't paying.

Of those total losses, 251,000 were satellite TV subscribers from DirecTV. The company saw a net gain of 125,000 broadband customers.

Still, AT&T believes it's the combination of both that will lead to its success.

"Bundling is definitely the strategy," CFO John Stephens said on a conference call with analysts. "We definitely believes it works."

AT&T posted a third-quarter profit of $3.12 billion, or 49 cents a share. Excluding one-time items, the company earned 74 cents a share.

Revenue fell 2 percent to $39.67 billion.

Analysts, on average, expected AT&T to earn 75 cents a share on revenue of $40.12 billion, according to Yahoo Finance.

Simple Mobile Is Now The Cheapest Provider To Offer Unlimited LTE Data Priced At Just $50

Simple Mobile, a provider that uses T-Mobile's network for service, has updated its phone plan offerings and it is now the cheapest place to get an unlimited LTE data plan from. Those that want the plan will pay just $47.50 per month with auto pay billing enabled in their account. Without auto pay billing enabled, the plan is just $50 a month.

The plan also comes with some additional perks, such as full roaming access while in Mexico at no additional charge as well as unlimited international texting and calling. Unlimited domestic talk and text are also included.

As always, the plan also comes with a couple of caveats. First off is that mobile hotspot is not included. However those that need mobile hotspot can simply opt for Simple Mobile's $57 plan which adds 8 GB of mobile hotspot with all other features being the same as the $47 plan. The other caveat is that like most unlimited LTE data plans these days, video streaming quality is limited to roughly 480p.
If you are not sure just how good and cheap this offering is compared to others, have a look at this list of unlimited LTE data plans that I put together.

Get Unlimited Data With Simple Mobile!

Besides adding a new unlimited LTE data plan, Simple Mobile has made a few other changes as well.

The $25 plan ($23.75 with auto pay) now includes 1 GB of data at high speeds. Previously it had none.
Previously, the $50 plan only had 5 GB of LTE data, and has now been superseded by the unlimited LTE plan.
Simple Mobile's other plan, priced at $40 or $37.50 with auto pay billing enabled, remains unchanged and offers 4 GB of 4G LTE data before throttling.

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Get A Simple Mobile Bundle Package Of A Phone And Plan For Less Than The Cost Of A Plan

Frequently deals can be spotted on QVC or HSN for packaged deals of a TracFone phone plus a plan for significantly less than the cost of buying each alone. Sometimes you can even find a bundled package for less than the cost of a plan. Similarly, savvy shoppers know that
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