A quest to save the world by getting this message to 50 million people.

This is one point in six in dramatically making the world a better place for everybody.

Hugelkultur is a type of raised gardening bed that has wood in it. And yet, this simple thing can save the world.

- reduce global warming by sequestering tons of carbon in your back yard
- reduce world hunger, and better feed your family?
- reduce overconsumption of water by eliminating garden irrigation
- reduce consumption ($$) of hoses, sprinklers and fertilizers
- gardening becomes dramatically easier: fewer trips to the grocery store

Using hugelkultur, gardens have thrived in deserts without a drop if irrigation or fertilizer. Any gardener can make one and eliminate the chore, the hoses, the cost of the water, not to mention just living lighter on the planet while making it far easier to provide food. And can this help to solve world hunger?

This practice can sequester carbon right in your own back yard. Dramatically lower your carbon footprint, and reduce carbon in the atmosphere while getting a huge use from it.

Perfect for places where trees have been downed by storms.

A use for branches, twigs and trees without having to haul them to the dump.


It has been suggested that I send this out and ask people to forward it on. And reforward. And reforward. The idea is that with enough forwarding, this will reach millions of people (including Kevin Bacon :) The world is struggling due to a lack of knowledge about simple solutions. This is one tidbit. If you believe that this tidbit of knowledge can, indeed, make the world a better place if EVERYBODY knew it, please forward this message.

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