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Undergraduate washing up liquid, I guess...

The SF public transport saga continues: Bought a Clipper Muni/BART combined monthly pass, but only the Muni part of it works and I still get charged for BART -- how can I either get it to work for BART or get the difference refunded?

Went up to Berkeley today and had a tour of the campus (sadly, my camera's battery was flat), followed by a fun night of food, drink and games at +Martin Maas place :-) Good times!

Oh, C++ virtual inheritance, my debugging nemesis, how I loathe thee.

Wrote the world's most inefficient MapReduce job today: used 60 machines to process 600kb of data! :-)

SF Muni adventures, episode #65: Bus driver has to ask passengers for directions.

Living on the US west coast leads to me continuing to discover the 2-5am programme of various European radio stations. Actually pretty decent - no ads at all at that time! :)

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If you would like to help my research into personal data storage (on your computer or online), please participate in this study:
(Only takes 5-10 minutes, may do some good for the future & makes me very happy!)

Had almost forgotten how tedious it is to get access to papers when not on a university network. Thank heavens for Shibboleth! (And the SRCF for its remote desktop service that allows me to get to PDFs behind tricky redirections.)

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On the deck, in bright sunshine, looking over the bay and downtown San Francisco. For once, SF feels like it's actually in California! :) (panorama generated using the awesome Hugin tool)
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