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That's a great growth for a mature market...
California Electric Car Sales Up 91% (almost doubled) In First Quarter Of 2017 compared to the first quarter of 2016.

See why (eco🌎+public health🌈+☮etc reasons) i installed ☀️ solar panels equivalent to planting 322 trees and why i drive an electric car equivalent to planting 382 trees (if the oil car would be refilled weekly) ►
If your panels produce more electricity than you use, you get free charging for your car too, like me. 💜😊💜 

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This is really great news. "In the Occidental vote, the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, for the first time bucked management to vote in favor of a climate-risk resolution.... Even more striking, shareholder support is moving in the opposite direction from Washington policy." 

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Clic clac

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Thank you, NSA.
I hope there will be investigations.
This is the first worldwide cyber battle at large.

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This demonstrates the end of commodity hardware in DC. Simple as that.
Take a better look at the tech inside the Google TPU, delivering 15–30X higher performance than recent CPUs & GPUs

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+Tesla should pack solar roof + powerwall + model 3.
I have the slogan:
Monthly fee to be free
+Elon Musk not good enough?

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The first cyber war is starting

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Even boring, this company will make its hole.
Elon Musk‏ @elonmusk
- Entry hole, staging area and starting tunnel for Boring Machine 1 (aka Godot) now complete.
- First tunnel for The Boring Company begins ... Full length of first tunnel will run from LAX to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks. Future tunnels will cover all of greater LA.
- Cutterhead in operation at standard industry speed. Planning to jack this up by a factor of ten or more.
- Boring machine segments have been lowered into the starter tunnel. Going through final assembly. Will be a few hundred feet long when complete.
- The race between Gary, our pet snail who lives in a pineapple, and Godot, our tunnel boring machine, begins soon!
- [Warning, this may cause motion sickness or seizures]
This is a test run of our electric sled that would transport cars at 125 mph (200 km/h) through the tunnels, automatically switching from one tunnel to the next. Would mean Westwood to LAX in 5 mins.

Äsh Live at Budokan‏ @BecauseImAsh
Will they be earthquake proof. 🤔

Elon Musk‏ @elonmusk
Replying to @BecauseImAsh

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