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Old man falling down on concrete.
Old man falling down on concrete.

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Back when I was washing dishes for the X Games the chef told me that if you care about your cooking, you taste it before serving.

+Bryce Lynch will read your work before he destroys it online. If you care about your writing, feed it to Bryce.

I haven't sent him anything yet, but I am damn well going to send him Music of the Spheres.

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Congratulations, +Mike Evans, +Terra Frank, +Terry Olson, +Daniel Bishop, and +Jon Marr.

May we be so lucky as to be judged by our peers. That's some good company. 

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How Not to Pay for DCC
A little antidote to all my recent shilling, via +Erik Tenkar:

DCC on the Cheap

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Given that it is has been so hard to find dice or rulebooks, DCC does alright. 

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If you’ll run four games for us at the con, we’ll get you a judge’s badge and let you crash with us.

Gen Con is stupid expensive if you are coming in from out of town. Help us help you make it less so.

The Green Mesmerist
Init +0; Atk dagger -1 melee (1d4-1); AC 10; HD 3d4; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP mesmerize 3/day; SV Fort -1, Ref +2, Will +6; AL L.

Mesmerize: Three times per day the Green Mesmerist can attempt to hypnotize a target. This must take place out of combat, but the Green Mesmerist need not have the target's full attention – meeting the target's gaze is enough. The target and the Mesmerist attempt contested Will saves. On a failed test, the PC must obey the Mesmerist's mental commands for 1d5 rounds.

Alternately, the Mesmerist can insert a mental command into the target's mind to be carried out at a later date. This requires a specific trigger. "Attack the Prince when you hear the word Sezrekan," or "Open the city gate when the next full moon rises," are example of possible commands and triggers. If successfully triggered, the target attempts to fulfill its command for 1d5 rounds. The target has no memory of being given the command and is treated as stunned for 1d4 rounds after the command is triggered. 

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So pretty. Cannot wait to see these out in the wild. This book is the result of a long term love affair driven entirely by Joseph, and it is great to see the project coming to fruition.

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Colorado gamers, sign up to play games here:

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Hey all. I've decided that I'd like for Lulu code sharing to be as fair to all publishers as possible. So here is the first post in that vein. This links to a doc that has all the DCC Lulu products I'm aware of. You can write new ones in if you know of them.

Please reshare this post to the community with new codes you find

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Like do you really need some random paperback in your RPG mailer?
It is hilarious that you're going to get one?
Get a FREE vintage novel with every online store print purchase! Now through the end of February (or until we run out of books), each online store order for print or physical products comes with a free vintage novel. We can’t guarantee that each and every one is from the famed Appendix N list, but if not then they shared the same shelf space with those authors. Heck, with especially large orders we might even throw in TWO novels. Bemused, enthused, and slightly confused — that’s the Goodman Games crew. The Dark Master likes it that way.
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