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Vivianne Langdon
Some gal who likes to code or something
Some gal who likes to code or something

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Beep boop

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Try to guess what ingredient was missing from the cookies on the left!

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Vivianne Langdon commented on a video on YouTube.
Some of this stuff was funny, but most of it either wasn't glitches, was standard-fare physics glitches (which is pretty typical for a game that has so much physics simulation going on) or was actually intentional.

- Running like that in shallow water--have you ever tried running in shallow water? That's how it works.
- The guy being very bad at tailing--that's intentional, he's really bad at that stuff (afterwards your character says "finally, a good idea from him" or something like that when he suggests splitting up).

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The brand-new Altamont Enterprise website just launched. I am proud :)

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I wish more people used Google plus...

I confuse by new google plus

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For those interested in Steam for Linux, Valve has just created an official steam group. There are less than 1000 people in the group right now. No guarantees that they'll use group members for the invite, but it wouldn't hurt.
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