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You've just been Skacked!
You've just been Skacked!

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HA! Thats awesomeness!

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And a free graphic novel...I am speechless

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wow just wow...

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if you want to be trusted, be honest. if you want to be honest, be true. if you want to be true, be you.

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that a boy!
never drop your guard. never. ever. never ever, ever. not even once. never
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so cool!
A ferrofluid is just a suspension of nanoscale particles of a magnetic metal in a solvent. The magnetic particles are so small that they won't settle out of solution, and spread evenly through Brownian motion. Now place a ferrofluid in contact with a magnet and things quickly get interesting.  
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couldn't have put it better myself!  Well said sir, well said
It's been interesting watching the reaction to YouTube using Google+ for comments. I'm actually open to any of those on YouTube listing what the problems are beyond just  "F You Google+." So far, the chief complaints I've compiled are:

1) It's easy to post long comments
2) You can't post anonymously
3) It's easy to insert spam links in the comments
4) The new system seems to reward comments that are fresh or recent or repeated or....
5) It's just Google+

Again, I'd really love to hear what the issues are, because I might explore them more for a future article. If you're a YouTube regular who hates the change, and has stumbled onto this post, please, let me know. 

But, some words of advice to those who are on YouTube and are upset.

First, you might actually WRITE something about what you're upset over. Here's a video of 6 reasons why this person doesn't like them:

6 Reasons Why I Hate the New YouTube Comments

I don't have time to be watching a 5 minute video on six things that you could list -- and that I could read -- in 60 seconds. That's the irony. Video can be fast to make; long to watch. Reading is longer to make, easier to go through. But if you're trying to make a point to a broad audience -- and one that might help you influence change -- maybe video doesn't kill the written text star.

This person, by they way, doesn't like that he has to have a channel that matches his Google+ name, so he needed to start a new Google+ account with a different name. Which, I think, is pretty much how things work if you want to have business/brand accounts. 

In the past, I can say that the Google+/YouTube issues with running those two things haven't been smooth, but they they're not that big of a problem.

This person:
PLEASE Fix Youtube and Google+

Has another five minute video that seemed focused when I skimmed it on the ability to easily paste huge amounts of content into comments. Yeah, that sucks. Of course, it seems like those long comments are automatically shortened to a few lines. And isn't it the case that YouTube still could have fairly long comments before. Completely with ASCII art, if you wanted?

Because I need to know that, to understand whether the change has actually harmed things or not. The before-and-after really seems missing in what I've gone through.

Then there's Emma Blackery's "My thoughts on Google+" video which could be better titled, "F You Google+," because that seems to be the only thought she has on the topic:

My Thoughts on Google+

Hey, it's funny. But what exactly is she upset about that she'd like fixed? Buried in the lyrics:

Now nobody gets videos they subscribed for
Video responses are dead in the water
You can't leave comments unless you're linked up

OK, want to tell us more about that. Because those sound like kind of serious issues, which are getting lost in fairly juvenile seeming reactions.

Which leads me to this:
Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

That's a video of a homeless vet who gets a major makeover and a fresh look on life. And the comments, folks who seem to feel like spamming anti-new-YouTube comment responses are somehow going to make things better.

They're not. What they do, to me, is make those upset about the changes sound like exactly the type of immature posters that Google has positioned the change as trying to stop.

In reality, the changes haven't stopped those types of posts. Clearly. Nor are those in the YouTube community without deserving some serious attention to their concerns over the change. But what would be very, very helpful is a much more calm itemization of how things might get improved, and why, and what was made worse rather than better, for that to happen.

Again, comments welcomed.

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here is my favorite GIF of the day woot~
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