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WSJ sources says to expect another set of iPhones this year: one around the 4.5inch size and one around the 5inch size.  

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Let's see
The new Wonder Woman signed for a 3-movie deal.

I told you previously that Israeli actress Gal Gadot was hired to play Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie.

Today, +Variety confirmed that in fact she has been signed to a 3-picture contract: 1) a Wonder Woman movie; 2) a Justic League movie; and 3) the Batman-Superman movie. 

She's getting paid $300k for each movie. It's good work if you can get it.

_(Fan fiction pic props to: )_

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That chunk of lobster on top is the ICING ON THE CAKE!!

Lobster Bisque Recipe >>

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How pervasive are Starbucks gift cards? 10% of American adults received a Starbucks gift card over the holidays, Starbucks recently told Quartz.

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What's wrong with this kid?
And the glassy-eyed Canadian waltzed out of jail after paying $2,500 to be out on bail. 

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This is sooo cute, might try this on my kids.

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5 Exercises for a smaller waist!

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London pedestrians have reported that a newly-built skyscraper is melting cars and bicycles with light reflected from its windows.

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Thanks for this +Mike Allton 
8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

If you feel like you're not yet getting much traction with Google+, or with your Google+ Page specifically, these tips might help, in a variety of ways. While designed to help you gain more targeted, interested followers, many other benefits will ensue when you:

1. Optimize Your Profile
2. Get Social
3. Get Verified
4. Blog About It
5. Use the Button / Widget
6. Follow Others
7. Be Different
8. Encourage Sharing

Many thanks to +The Blog Cheerleader for the great graphic!

Read more: 

What other tips would you add?

#GooglePlus   #GooglePlusForBusiness   #GooglePlusPageTips  

P.S. This post has been updated to reflect a couple of minor changes in Page functionality. However, due to an internal site bug, I haven't yet been able to update the blog graphic with one that uses the current G+ logo. Please, no one report me to +Dustin W. Stout!

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Nice humor.
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