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Fanart Friday: PPG, Old and New
Welcome to Fanart Friday, featuring awesome fanart related to whatever animation has grabbed my attention this week.  The Powerpuff Girls reboot hype continues! Well, more like cautious optimism, but that new short was great! (Seriously, watch it if you hav...

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Pokemon is Weird.
In the magenta storage ottoman I rest my feet on while writing sentimental sap like this, there's an old red flip phone buried under tangled cords and a set of speakers I keep telling myself I'll eventually find a use for. I haven't tossed it into one of th...

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Serenity: That One Really Good Christian Comic
I love Christian storytelling, but I'm also one of the first to be critical of it. 99 times out of 100, Christian fiction has fallen into one of three embarrassing categories: 1. Sanitized rip-offs of secular stories, which the church endorses far too openl...

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The "Phantom Ninja" Incident
If you didn't know, I'm autistic. I have Asperger's Syndrome, to be specific. If you've ever been friends with an autistic nerd, you know there are things the person is a fan of, and then there is  the   thing.   The   Thing. That one thing that an autistic...

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Probably the snarkiest thing I've ever posted. xD;
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