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Brian Ralston
Los Angeles based film/TV composer.
Los Angeles based film/TV composer.


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Mike Georgia did an absolutely wonderful job on our new backyard lawn.   Everything he did was as promised on his website and as he explained in his videos.  In fact, it was his clear explanations in his videos combined with his clear pricing estimates on his website that helped seal the deal of us hiring him.  

He installed 2 new sprinkler lines for us.  One for a pop-up sprinkler system and then other for a drip system.  He installed our new WiFi enabled Rain Machine sprinkler timer.  We chose the Medallian Plus grass.  Mike arrived on time early in the morning and his guys began immediately to prepare the soil by Pick-Axing.  While they were doing this, Mike went to go get the manuer from the Equestian center.  BY the time he came back...the soil was rototiller once already and they began to install the sprinkler lines.  They rototilled in the manuer a second time and then began to lay the sod.  Mike thoroughly explained the watering process to establish the grass and even programmed the Rain Machine timer for us.  In the end, we have a nice lush beautiful lawn our 2 year old daughter can play on.  Now that the lawn is established we only water twice a week for about 7 mins each time and that is it.  And the lawn has stayed near perfect.  This is due to the excellent soil prep that Mike did before laying the sod which not many folks do properly.  A house across the street from us had new sod put in and they did not prep the soil as well (I watched them do it)...and they lawn is already half dead.  

I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to put in a new lawn and in fact will hire him again in the future when we decide to redo our front lawn one day with the same drought tolerant grass variety.
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