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Failed to call controller method using AJAX in MVC 4 when deployed in IIS Server
Have you ever faced this issue in ASP.NET MVC? I found this issue after deploying my MVC application in IIS server, I shocked as it was working fine in local system but in hosting server it was not. Tried to search solution over the net but non of the solut...

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Exception: This document already has a 'DocumentElement' node Exception in C#
While manipulating an XML file I came across with this
exception and googled it out for solution. I found many stuffs but none of
those were relevant and could not resolve my problem. After few minutes of analysis,
I came to know that I was doing something ...

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Demonetization - good or bad?
The Indian government implemented a new rule called ‘demonetization’,
basically to attack corruptions and raid black money holders. But practically,
the plan affected more to common people rather than black money holders. Neither,
I am against of this rule ...

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Important notice from income tax (I.T.) department, India
Income Tax department has added a new window in their I.T. E-FILING WEBSITE viz " ACCOUNT CASH TRANSACTIONS " The moment CASH is deposited into your bank a/c , the amount will immediately reflect in this WINDOW of the I.T. Department. All the Banks server's...

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Points to be noted while exchanging you Rs. 500 or 1000 notes
As per recent information disclosed by government, there may chance of corrupt bank(s), officials who may try to help corrupted peoples having black money, to exchange their bundles of banned Rs. 500 and/or Rs.1000 notes with new notes and defeat the Indian...

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INR ₹500 & ₹1000 old notes have been banned
INR ₹500 & ₹1000 old notes have been banned from 08th November, 2016 midnight.  You can deposit the same at any bank or post office from 11th November 2016 till 30th Dec 2016, at the most of Rs. 4000. Either you can deposit in your account or you can exchan...

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Microsoft message queue (MSMQ) in C# and .NET
This article is written based on Microsoft Windows 7 using
C# and .NET framework 2.0. Microsoft message queue (MSMQ) is one of the technique with
which you can achieve communication between two application processes running in same
machine, under Windows pl...

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