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Finding Joy in Disappointment
Life can be hard sometimes. There are highs and there are
lows and from personal experience this seems to be emphasized in an entrepreneurship
lifestyle. There is joy and there is sorrow. There is victory and there is
defeat. There are times when you are en...

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Five Years
By Becky I never told you the whole story of how we found ourselves living on a vineyard. Here goes. Five years ago in April 2011 I was bummed out. I was always bummed out on some level that year, but on one particular day I was super bummed out because Jus...

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Inspiration on Scratch Paper
By Becky Perry Inspiration finally struck at around 75 miles an hour on Interstate
205 in Tracy, California. Justin had been after me for several days about putting some
words on paper that would ultimately grace the back of our wine bottle and help
carry o...

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Fete the Wine - Coming in September
posted by Beck I'm not quite sure where we last left off in this space. 2015 has been quite a year.  Back in March we started the process of creating our own wine brand.  It is now August and we are finally in the home stretch of the production process. The...

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Wine, The Mob, & The Church
By Justin One of the interesting facts about downtown Lodi, CA is that
there is an underground tunnel system that connects many of the bars, stores
and restaurants together. In studying the history of Lodi, I've learned that
these tunnels were in place to m...

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Stuff We Haven't Told You
posted by Beck The Last Year As you may have noticed, we've been a little MIA over the last year. Here's what you've missed:   We took out about 10 rows of grapes on the front of our property to make it easier to stage everything at harvest time. We planted...

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A Tale of Two Goats
  posted by Beck I've wanted to share this story for quite awhile, but thought it might come across as insensitive, so I didn't. Now that several months have passed, I've decided to post about it anyway because the story deserves to be told. I do still feel...

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