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Promotional gift ideas by the medium of t'interweb
Promotional gift ideas by the medium of t'interweb

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For sure this is an exceptional period for men's tennis. The standard of Roger, Rafa, Andy and Novak is incredible, and to have four players who would dominate any other era is ridiculous.
Daily chart: Wimbledon, the third major tennis tournament of the year, starts today. This year Andy Murray could become the first British men's champion since 1936. Yet he is competing during perhaps the most impressive era of the men's game. Today's chart gives a comparison of men's and women's tennis grand-slam records

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Do we really need another news aggregator product?

Maybe Facebook's will be significantly different, only time will tell.
“Facebook Reader” is real, but it’s not RSS or a Google Reader wannabe -

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Presumably with 3D printing the raw material itself is going to become a traded commodity that we all need to buy regularly?

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Ideasbynet Online Reviews

In an effort to try and improve our service even further, we have just signed up to a review service called eKomi. So far so good, 94 positive reviews!

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How a 2-Star Amazon Review Made Thousands of Sales

We've just added a formal review procedure for every order, which will hopefully provide just the feedback we need to continuously improve our service.

This article shows exactly the right way to deal with negative reviews -

"Someone posted a two-star review for the EatSmart scale. And the company handled it so well that it’s now the best reason to buy the product."

Check out the article for the details.

Sshhhh don't tell anyone, but we've got a new website coming, and it looks awesome...

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Is Your Brand in Danger of Genericide?

Lovely little piece on branding from +Lianne Cai Froggatt - if we all google whilst hoovering and xerox our post-its, do they deserve trademark brand protection?

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Frosted Cup Cakes Avec Your Logo

Hold up...whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, you heard right - we can now offer deliciously delightful frosted cup cakes, lovingly adorned with your logo or branding message.

Want to make your customers remember you? Piece of cake.

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Great Events Resources

As part of our new events guide we included a great list of useful sites and apps, featuring +eventjuice and 

Check it out - if anyone has any other suggestions please let us know in the comments!

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New Event Planning Toolkit Resource

Just launched our new Ideashub section of the website, main feature is our Events Planning Toolkit -

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