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LinDee Rochelle
Author / Book Editor / and Rockin' Rochelle, history preservationist
Author / Book Editor / and Rockin' Rochelle, history preservationist
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100th Wordplay Wednesday™ February 22, 2017 – Monoglot
100 is Great but 1 is Enough   These days it isn’t merely beneficial, it’s
nearly a necessity to speak more than one language. Silly me … I quit French in high school, oh so
many years ago, to pick up another business class. My crystal ball failed to show m...

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50 Years Ago this Month – February 1967
Lovelights   No
doubt, St. Valentine’s Day had something to do with “ Dedicated to the One I Love ”
scaling WABC /New York’s survey ladder in one GIANT leap, from an obscure #57 to #15, on February 21, 1967 . The Mamas & Papas ’ favorite nearly wo...

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Wordplay Wednesday™ February 15, 2017 – Sundog
Short ‘n’ Sweet and Quite Bright!   Fun in the sun is still months away    but
that’s what reveries are for Close your eyes and plan today    with
words of sunny seashores … (L.Rochelle) SUNDOG (-dôg ʹ ) n . – a bright,
sunlike optical illusion caused by su...

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Happy UN-Birthday February 39ers
I’m Late! For a Very Important Date
…   It’s true—I’ve been neglecting 39 and Holding Club a bit. Not out of
true negligence, but from overwork, as I finish a book for its Big Bro site, Blast from Your Past . Writing a book is a monumental
project that fair...

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Wordplay Wednesday™ February 08, 2017 – Excuse Reason
Wordplay! No Apologies …   Every
now and then it’s good to step away from the norm and explore where few men and
women dare to go … the subtleties
of the English language . It’s
happened to the best of us—and of late, the worst. Confronted with critic...

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Jack Vincent Special Tribute – Swinging Sixties
As promised, below is BFYP ’s Swinging Sixties tribute to Jack Vincent, who made his way to Rock
& Roll Radio Heaven this past Sunday (January 29 th ). He was a
feisty 99. After the first tribute posted (1950s), it was learned he made the trip that day with...

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Wordplay Wednesday™ February 01, 2017 – Monocolor
Monocolor: a
cry for sanity in a world of chaos   On rare
occasions I get on my soapbox—usually when the world’s news has exasperated me
to distraction. My muse goes into overdrive and my mind slides into the
computer. I can’t stop it! I know my voice
is a ...

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Special Report from BFYP - Jack Vincent
1917 ~ 2017 San Diego has lost a cherished member of its Radio Disk
Jockey family. Jack Vincent (right) , who
started as an engineer for KCBQ in
1955, passed away over the weekend. Before he retired from KCBQ in 1982, he also
helped pioneer its DJ Rock and ...

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Wordplay Wednesday™ January 25, 2017 – Minatory
Good Day or Bad … Power Out.   There is no doubt about it. Life is a daily
challenge in the best of circumstances. If you love your life now, savor every
second … nothing is forever . When we’re going through tough times, though,
it always feels like it’s f...

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Wordplay Wednesday™ January 18, 2017 – Cento
Are You One of a Kind? Write Like It. There is often a fine line between plagiarism and
tribute … medley and mad music … words of intellect and words of nonsense …   CENTO (sen ʹ tō) n. – 1) a literary or musical work
made up of passages from other works; 2...
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