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Oh No. Not again.
Some things never change.
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+Language Lover: "They say "plant based diet" or "plant strong diet" because "vegan" makes people think of red paint throwers, and people throwing pepper in Lierre Keith's face."

Ha! Actually +Language Lover, I personally say "plant based diet" when I'm speaking only about the dietary aspects of the issue (as opposed to moral, environmental, and other issues that veganism encapsulates).

I understand your perspective though, I believe; for you, it's kind of like saying "meat" instead of "an individual's body-parts", or "milk" rather than "a cow's glandular secretions", or "eggs" rather than "a bird's menses", eh? =oP

+Language Lover: "Yes, it's exactly like that. I call them by the commonly used term instead of using semantics as a weapon to manipulate others."

Indeed -- but what if those "commonly used words" turn out to be the weapons? For example, we say "veal" instead of "baby cow", because who could bring themselves to kill and eat a baby? We don't refer to the cows and pigs as "victims", because then we'd have to think about how unjust it is to kill him or her, eh? I agree with you whole-heartedly, +Language Lover -- words are used as weapons to manipulate how we think and feel about these things.

The thing is, the core problem you have with your accusation is that the biggest offenders in the "weponization of words" are those who are trying to hide from themselves just how messed up their behavior is towards innocent and sentient beings. =o/

At least, that's how I see it; what do you think?


This post is one in a series in which excerpts of discussions on veganism from other threads are reposted (or paraphrased) for the sake of expanding the conversation. As always, your thoughts and questions are welcome. See the full collection via the  #spommveganchats  hash (or perhaps with a more robust search, such as ).

(for anyone requiring/desiring more context, the original conversation can be found at )

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