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Free Internet Using PSIPHON Application (Worldwide) (English)
Requirements to have internet for free with the Psiphon application

We need to download and install the Psiphon application from Google Play Store, we can download it here: Psiphon – Google PlayIf we have the 2.3 version of Android we should have our cell rooted, but if you have the version 4.0 of Android or higher, you don’t need to root your deviceWe must have an active data package, but it must be at 0 MBDoesn’t matter what version of Android we have, well can have the version 2.3 or the 5.0,We should not have mobile balance or Psiphon application will consume us all the balance.The configuration was tested and it worked wonderfully.The configuration also will allow us to connect to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp.

Steps to configure the Psiphon application and have our free internet service

After downloading and installing the Psiphon application access to it, the application will show us a message with two different options, we need to choose the second option “address through a tunnel the device “

Then a new window will appear and we click on the checkbox “I trust this application” and then click on “Accept” button.

A new interface will show us the “Options” tab and there we will have to check the option “tunnel for the complete device (requires Android 4.0 +) or root”Then click on ‘Select region‘ and choose the option “best performance”

Now we are on the “main” tab and click on “Start“. This will cause the application to connect to the servers and that would be all

Once the application to connect successfully, we can notice a small key in the upper right or left, depends on our cell. You can also slide the notification bar and there you will see the details of the established connection, and that would be all, Enjoy your free internet.

Thanks for installing our application to have free internet, if you have questions, please leave a comment here and we will respond as soon as possible, please rate this app in google play store to help us keep posting new methods to have free internet android.

I Would like to share this with you. Here You Can Download This Application from PlayStore
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