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Snuggles Childcare
Snuggles Childcare nanny agency trains nannies in child development and places them with families in London.
Snuggles Childcare nanny agency trains nannies in child development and places them with families in London.

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Excellent tips for those feisty toddlers who seem to be constantly pushing your buttons. Following these strategies will help the child develop better self control and also improve your relationship.

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A brilliant post by the fantastic Zero to Three about the way music promotes growth and development and what you can do to support this in early learning.

It describes the way music can help children learn to self-regulate, understand emotions, build self-esteem as well as help develop physical skills, coordination and cognitive and language skills.

Don't miss the table at the end for suggestions on how to bring into classrooms (or home) to support specific age groups.

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'We see children who have never felt success from using a tool to help them manipulate material, never felt the pride of producing something for others and never felt the optimism of daring to ask: “would it work if … ?”

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Here are some tips to help reduce sibling rivalry and establish a close sibling bond from the start.

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We love these DIY patterned building blocks from The Imagination Tree! Great for developing fine motor skills and sequencing for the little ones and perfect for imaginary playtime for the older ones. What could be a better project on a cold winter's afternoon!

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Some information on sleep cycles from Sarah Ockwell-Smith.

"We all, no matter our age, sleep in cycles. These cycles take us from being awake, to a light, medium and deep sleep and back again. Adults have between four and six of these cycles per night (depending on how long they sleep for). In adults a sleep cycle totals around ninety minutes. Babies on the other hand have around twelve to sixteen sleep cycles on an average night. The length of a baby sleep cycle is around half that of an adult’s. That means that it is normal for babies to wake fifteen times per night, every night!"

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Need some rainy day activity ideas? Check out these lovely and super easy homemade PLAY DOUGH recipes! The 10 recipes include:

Wholegrain and Seeds
Porridge Oats
Oranges and Lemons
Cinnamon and Nutmeg

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Struggling with nap time and a wakeful baby or toddler? Read this article for great tips on sleep cycles and how to lengthen those precious nap times!
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