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Leah Rempel
I'm a gal who loves to tell stories. My hope is they are fun and a bit inspirational at the same time.
I'm a gal who loves to tell stories. My hope is they are fun and a bit inspirational at the same time.

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I Blame the Flip Flops
My pacifist roots served me well some
months ago when I literally ran away from my one-and-only nemesis in life while
in a shopping mall in Hong Kong following a minor surgery. I was wearing flip
flops and still in my pajamas (because you can do that in Hon...

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Awesome! I'm in!

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Always a pleasure! Great to have the Prairie Grlz back and a special treat to hear from Prairie Pa!

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Using a Visible Thinking Routine for the Three-Way Conferences
Visible thinking routines can be used across the curriculum and at all age
levels, but they can also be used as a facilitation device for conferences. We
had student-parent-teacher conferences this week, and I decided to use the Connect, Extend, Challenge r...

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Five minutes a day of anything can reap huge rewards over time!

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Five Minute Dividends
I am convinced that doing anything for five minutes a day
will garner great results.   I’ve managed
a thesis, a novel, a series of short stories and countless blogs using this
very manageable commitment. That being said, I’ve been off my game for the better...

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I'm a slow learner, which is probably why I make a pretty decent teacher.

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Rethinking Pre Assessment
I'm still thinking this one through, but I am starting to think I've been doing pre-assessment all wrong.  Let's take math as an example.  Typically, I've found something out of an old testament, oops, I mean, an old text book, that covers the basic skills ...

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Practicing moderate consistency without guilt is something all Type A people should have a go at!
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