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Rachel Marinos

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Name: Morris Nyara
Age: 14
Gender: male 
Species: Nekomata (silver tabby)
Bio: Morris is a quiet young male neko who prefers to sleep most of his day. Not very outgoing, he has a tendency to stay in the background. He is the middle child of a lesser noble clan who has pretty much raised himself. He was placed in school by his father as an attempt to get him to socialize. He isn't too concerned, as he is usually content wherever he is.

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Let's make it happen! Solatorobo 2! We've waited long enough. It's time to show them what we want!!!
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I know I haven't done much in the way of intros, so... deep breath Here we go.

I'm 24, female and  a  Dragon/Feline furry. I'm currently getting materials together for my first fursuit. (I plan to make it myself) I build/maintain websites, taught myself to draw and am into lots of stuff. I just don't feel like typing it all in, so yeah. cough 

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Ok, who wants to be my testers? 

My blog here

Working on getting my fursona's blog up and running... Dang Word Press....
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