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The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Television has done the imagination no favors.  As my wife lies in an operating room having
her appendix removed, I picture a dark space defined by fields of bright
lights, rimmed by squeaks and beeps and rhythmic oxygen machines while the
surgeon through t...

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think there are houses that get lonely.   I imagine Marc and Den’s James Island home is such a place.   We knew Marc and Den in two houses in
Colorado Springs, their rented beach house at Folly, and finally their home on Godber.   Each house a home by vir...

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Heart of the Moment
In my life there have been two major influences that have opened love's door
for me. The first and dearest, the one that fills me with passion and
completeness with each breath she takes is my wife. The other has been the
couple of Marc Edwards and Dennis H...

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How Marc Stole Our Children
It is unsurprising that my thoughts
keep going to Marc since his death (they went there when he was alive as well –
Marc was that kind of important).   In over
two decades of having known him, there is a broad tapestry of many colors and
leagues of yarn wov...

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A Resolute New Year
Sitting at Starbucks I look to my right
and see a man about twenty years my senior with grey wispy hair peering through
glasses at his laptop screen while his pale and thin-skinned fingers scroll and
type.   I turn back to inking my New Year’s
blog with fou...

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Ghosts of Christmas Past
Christmas stirs up memories in most
people, and I am no different.   I have
memories of all kinds from attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve to crawling
beneath the tree to unwrap my gifts early to traditions built around my
children and grandchildren.  ...

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Some family ties can only be born of
gunpowder.   This sounds like some deep-South
rednecked bullshit, but it simply represents truth to me.   Raised on a small dirt farm in South Carolina
under the demands of work that would often leave hands bloodied and ...

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Passing of the Torch
Today marks the closing of Vin Scully’s 67 years in
broadcasting and as voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.   Tomorrow, he begins retirement.   It is the magic of baseball that such a sad
moment will also bring to countless individuals even more smiles as thi...

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20 Years in the Making
Taking off from Denver is not a completely easy
experience.  The air is thin here, and
the plane seems to lumber for a long time down the runway, its wings scraping
and clawing for anything that resembles lift. 
There is almost a sigh from the plane as it g...

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Quixote de la Mancha would
never tilt at these towers that
dwarf Dutch ancestors. No
cloth laced wooden blades at
which to take aim, just
edged steel, spinning swords splitting
wind in twain, separating
energy from air. Arms
atop spires the
color of sun...
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