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The more I know, The more I become silent. Not because I am learnt, but My mind becomes more violent. I talk to my mind, and Make it calm and quite. No, there is no way I make it quite, There is only one way, silent and fight. All that happens are chain rea...

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Image of the Moon...
Image courtesy : google images / …she
dragged him by his hands.  He stopped and
turned to see her eyes that were waiting for him to look at her.  “Where are you running?” she asked with
little anger in her voice and with little exp...

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Passing Clouds
courtesy - google images It was yet another day of waiting.  He stood in the bus stop and searched as many
buses he could, he went to the railway station searched every compartment as many
times he could; she was not there. He boarded his train, found a sea...

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Beacon Of Revolution
courtesy : In the
hands of greedy international chunks, My
identity, my people are in funks. To satiate
the paunch of the few wealthy, My rulers,
whom we believed, are becoming filthy. Some talk
about the sacrifice for mass wellness, Don't you

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Things to laugh at
When I have no guts to cry I
write something and console myself; just a try. Compromise, sacrifice, accept,
and make everybody happy all these sometime works and many a times make me a
hippie. Hell a lot advice when they themselves know not what is wise. In...

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A Musical Confession
I type, I just don't write the words I think but the musical notes.  May be that is why both are named a keyboard.
Like that of a melancholic musical notes that digs the hypothalamus and brings
back the memory to eyes, followed by tears to wash it and ...

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courtesy : My will is to write on what I am
willing to write.  I force not my fingers
to write the words I do not want to read. 
I force not my brain to think the sentence just to seduce the eyes that
is going to read.  I write because I do
not do...

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courtesy : I could near her not though she is not standing
at longer distance from me. She stood by the shore of a mighty sea. Like those
waves from the ocean that come touches and goes back my unbridled love waves to
her and comes back but tou...
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