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Imagine living in a house with six other people, one of whom is starving, but another of which is rich and fat, and constantly wastes almost half their food !

Some thoughts about food waste, and what we can do about it. Might be particularly useful if you've got a fridge full of leftovers after Christmas !

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If you're after just one resolution to 'make a difference', work on your "Bouncebackability"

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#inequality #socialjustice

Do you ever think how freakishly lucky you are ?

We often tell ourselves that most of what we’ve achieved in life is down to our hard work and good choices, and while up to a point that’s obviously true (work hard at school kids), there’s also no getting away from the fact that stupid random luck is even more significant.

Now I obviously don’t know how educated, wealthy, safe or healthy you are . . . but if you’re able to read this, are doing so on some kind of computer connected to the internet, have time to think about these things rather than safeguarding your family or scraping enough money together to eat tomorrow, and aren’t distracted by the problems that come from lack of healthcare or clean water, then it’s safe to say you’re doing better than most people on the planet.

...

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Teaching our Kids About the Environment

Caring the the environment may seem like a big lesson to teach a young child, but it’s actually relatively easy to get the point across. Children may not understand the full impact of how people affect the environment right away, but providing them with some basic information they can use in their life can make them more responsible adults.

A guest post on NextStarfish by Marcela De Vivo

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A natural wonder of the world, Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park contains the remains of a forest, stunningly fossilised and preserved from 225 million years ago. The park is hugely popular and visited by over half a million people a year, the problem is that many of them decide to take just a small reminder of their visit home with them – resulting in 14 tons of fossilised wood fragments being removed from the park every year by visitor!

Needless to say, worried by this rapid erosion, the management quickly put up signs to deter visitors from taking fragments: “Your heritage is being vandalised every day by theft losses of petrified wood, amounting to 14 tons a year, mostly a small piece at a time”.

The results were not quite what they hoped for . . . losses went up significantly !

By suggesting the idea of stealing wood fragments to visitors, indicating that everyone else was doing it, and also raising the prospect that, if you wanted a wood fragment you better get one quick before they’re all gone, the signs were a Triple Fail!

Bottom line – people knew it was wrong, but when they thought everyone else was doing it, they did it anyway.

This is an example of  a perceived ‘social norm‘ trumping a moral or ethical belief. The evidence shows that we’re all far more likely to be influenced by the behaviour of others around us, than we are by our own moral or ethical code. We’re a social animal and it’s not surprising we like to fit in, rather than stand out.

[visit the link to continue reading]

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Latest blog post on Next Starfish discussing the increasing interest in repairing broken things, rather than simply continuing to throw them away and buying new replacements.

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London's plans for energy from waste fat.

A glum Monday back at work today after the break ? A few thoughts for you -  http://

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Save the world - wear a onsie !

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Challenging indifference & apathy about social justice& environment.

Latest post - sustainable development, why you should get involved.
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