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Barak Moshe
Assistant Technical Director at LucasFilm
Assistant Technical Director at LucasFilm

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Kim Goossen's Procedural Modeling Youtube channel
Ok so the theme this week is plugs. I really wanted to share Kim's work. If you're interested in learning great fundamentals in procedural modeling and general Houdini fundamentals, this is an incredible resource. I've worked a little bit with Kim at EA a f...

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NVIDIA Hairworks Maya and 3DS Max Plugin available!
NVIDIA recently put out their Hairworks Maya and Max plugins for public use and I definitely encourage people to try it. No word on an engine side implementation yet but if you're interested in testing the performance of Hairworks in Maya, here's your chanc...

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Alex Forsythe Motionbuilder Python Tutorials
Another shameless plug! So this set of tutorials is absolutely HUGE if you need to work in Motionbuilder and write python scripts like you would in other DCC applications. Alex does a phenomenal job teaching scripting in Motionbuilder and Python in general....

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Maya to Unreal Plugin
Shameless plug alert! I actually had a chance to play around with this plugin that allows you to sort of live link Maya to Unreal. You can hook up the camera from Maya to the UE4 editor and send object from your Maya scene directly to UE4 and back using ser...

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Project Cars is getting prettier and prettier
I was introduced to this clip at work and I thought you might get a kick out of this. This picture doesn't really do it justice so you need to see the source video:  (Make sure that you're using a browser that su...

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Along with sites like CgSociety , CgCircuit , Digital Tutors , etc. I stumbled upon a cool site that has really neat VFX tutorials and classes that you can take to advance your skillset. It's called fxphd and focuses on VFX. I like it because it has some ni...

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Houdini 14
Houdini 14 is out! Well it's been out but I wanted to talk about some of the interesting features that caught my eye. One really nice thing was the improved user experience. With speed improvement made to the animation editor, you can see performances much ...

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Unreal 4 Massive Collection of tutorials!
A friend from work found this really neat page that is a great collection of fantastic free official and unofficial tutorials for UE4. Here's a link:

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Fusion 7 Free!
This isn't news anymore but still worth a mention. Fusion 7 is out and there is a powerful free version available for download. Fusion is a nice VFX tool suite that's comparable to software from the Foundry like Nuke. The big takeaway is that it's free so i...

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Here's a really impressive real time WebGL demo that you can play on your browser or phone. It's pretty intense so you may need to use your PC to see all features at full framerate. I tried it on my Galaxy S4 at full resolution and I was getting about 10 fp...
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