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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. So happy to have been chosen as a #FahsBeck   #DissertationGrant  recipient. Shout out to my friend +Kathleen Flandrick who also won an award as well. We rock :) :)

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After a little #manicpanic  experiment for some peekaboo blue and purple highlights :)

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Fun easter contest that I came across.... #contests #sweepstakes

I keep thinking about being done with my degree, and how I would commemorate it (vacations, celebrations galore, etc.) and I'm like, "It would be cool to get a tattoo of our symbol in public health"... except, we don't have one in #publichealth  ?! Seriously... would it be the Social Ecological Model? lol Would it be a no-smoking sign, a vaccine, and ....? I have no idea. It would be cool to get something symbolic, but alas! I have no clue what that would be. #epidemiology   #publichealth  #tattoos

So all of these stabbings by subways in Harlem was right around my old stomping grounds when I worked at CUNY... I understand the theory behind putting a school of public health in a disparate area, but it's been 5 years since CUNY SPH originally was in East Harlem and I see little to no integration in the community and no real consideration for the students commuting from nearby. I hope they get their act together a bit better for the new building on 125th

I went on an adorable date with my husband last night and I swear, I felt like I was 23 again and utterly smitten/borderline obsessed with how good looking he is lol. It's good to have that connection with a man that you've been with for almost 9 years. #handsomehubby  +Tim Di Persia 

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I don't really go on Google + anymore (no more than once a month) Because whenever I do, the majority of all the posts are something called "Whats Hot and Recommended" and are things that I am not interested in and never indicated interest in. The Kardashians, Military Vets, and Chemicals in "Poison Bread" are on my home page's top posts today. What happened to you, #GooglePlus?
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