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Piper Collings
Foodie, Katherine Hepburn Groupie, Beer Geek, Social Media Nerd, TED lover.
Foodie, Katherine Hepburn Groupie, Beer Geek, Social Media Nerd, TED lover.

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Somebody's got their #socialmedia  head on right over at Katy Perry's camp: #ROAR   #musicvideooftheday  

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#Tumblr : 24 Billion Minutes Per Month #engagement   #socialmedia  

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Brill. #SEO  
Your guild to On-Page Optimization with Keyword Targeting
+Rand Fishkin shares his years of experience, testing, failure, and learning alongside a lot of metrics from Moz's phenomenal data science team to give you the architecture of how to target content and increase the likelihood that it will hit the target:

He covers these topics:
A) Ranking high in Google and Bing
B) Earn traffic from social networks 
C) Being worthy of links and shares from across the web
D) Building your brand's perception, trust, and potential to convert visitors


+Moz  #SEO   #keywordresearch   #smallbusinessmarketing  
Optimized Page+Keyword
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Exclusive wine-tasting event? Yes please! Thanks to and CheekyChicago, I got to participate in the #TasteCHI launch party at Sub 51.

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Thanks +Mike Elgan for sharing BRAD - I hope this guy has an excuse every day to push the "Emergency Party Button".
UC Berkeley student automates his dorm room.

His system is called the BRAD, for "Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm."

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Thank you +YouTube for marketers for sharing this video showcasing how +Rokenbok Toy Company markets itself via video. Wish these had been around when my brother and I were growing up - educational #toys w/a mechanical edge.
+Rokenbok Toy Company ( has transformed itself into an e-commerce powerhouse, gaining 50% of all customers from their YouTube videos. They also encourage fans to upload their own videos, which they regularly feature on their YouTube channel. #PlayBig just like Rokenbok Toy Company using +YouTube video advertising (

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Thanks +Radian6 for sharing 30 Tips to Improve Your #SocialMedia presence and engagement!
Wondering how social media can make your brand more human? Here's 30 ideas in 30 blog posts.

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+Ford Motor Company - brilliant experiential #marketing ! Worst driver in Paris gets rewarded for sub par parking skills w/park assisted Ford. Public, interactive, and entertaining. Thanks +Google Creative Sandbox for sharing this.
In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. +Ford Motor Company capitalized on this opportunity to publicize Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.

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Power to the people! And the brands that engage with their end users in meaningful and value-added ways. Thanks +LoSasso for sharing and to +Jessica Schanta for writing!
In every instance, no matter the circumstances - the customer is always right! Thanks to +Jessica Schanta for her blog posting on the #consumer experience and #PR directed marketing made to meet the client's needs.

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Thanks for sharing +LoSasso! I actually really like #Facebook Timeline over the previous iterations of the platform but I am not loving the fact that now they're prompting me to have a Facebook email. That seems straight dumb to me and it's public.
Thanks to the whole LoSasso team for all their hard work on the launch of our new site and to +Michelle Murphy for her blog contribution on Facebook Timeline tips! Check out both when you have time
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